Shaking in my boots!

The time is almost here!!

I’ve packed one of my suitcase but I am putting off packing the other one because once that’s packed there’s no turning back. I keep waking up in the middle of the night because I’m so worried about missing my connecting flight – 2 hours is enough time to get through passport control, get my bags, check-in, go through security and get to the gate in time right?!

I know I’m really overthinking the journey but being a nervous flyer combined with having anxiety and never having been on a plane by myself or taken a connecting flight makes me a little scared. I am shaking in my boots!

Nevertheless, I’m trying to remind myself of the exciting things that lie ahead. I’m going to be meeting a new group of people from all over the world and explore a place I’ve never been to before. I must try and remember that everyone is going to feel the same way. Everyone’s a little nervous, everyone’s a little scared, everyone’s a little homesick but also…everyone’s a little excited to meet a whole new group of people.

I’m off to take a few deep breaths and avoid finishing my packing. Next time I update you I may well be in America!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!


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