A proud moment 

A big hello from the USA! That’s right I made it! I couldn’t be more proud of myself in this moment for travelling across an ocean by myself with no panic attacks, no stressing out and nearly no tears. (Of course there were some as I had a pretty emotional goodbye with my Dad).

It’s around 6am here but my mind & body are still running on UK time despite having no sleep prior to leaving and a full day of travelling! I must admit that part of the reason I am awake so early is because I am excited for the day ahead. Today is going to be a long day full of introductions, new sights and probably some slightly less exciting admin. I have also been promised that there will be pizza tonight. 

Another reason I am awake might be a combination of gross plane food and no room service – I am so so so hungry! Roll on breakfast time! 

For those of you that have sent encouraging words prior to me leaving, thank you so much. From here on out this is where the real fun starts and there will hopefully be less posts about my nerves and more about what I’ve been doing! 



2 thoughts on “A proud moment 

  1. Where in the U.S. Are you? Lol It’s funny, I feel like we switched sides! I’m from California, will be spending the rest of the year here in Europe!!! Loved reading ur blogs! Very easy read! Makes me feel like I’m right there with you! I know all abOut horrible roommates, keep it up! You just lucked out with the wrong American roommate, they’re not all rude:) I promise! Good luck over there! I hope you get to enjoy the American lifestyle while you’re there!!!


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