Top of the parking decks

What a busy first few days! Similarly to British universities, American colleges have what is called an Orientation Week that involves a lot of talks from different people in the university, giving you lots of important information. Whilst they provide a lot of ‘need to know’ information, they do last a long time! Unlike British universities, my college handed out sweets and let us have breaks to stretch our legs. Take note Britain, sweets make you concentrate more!

I have made friends with some of the English international students and we have all made friends with a wonderful American girl who is probably one of the best people I have ever met. Honestly, if I take nothing away from this year other than her friendship I will be over the moon. Anyway, she has introduced us to a lot of her wonderful friends and over the past few days we have hung out with them and done some pretty cool things. At least, to me they seem pretty cool.

One night we went up to the top of the college parking deck with guitars, kahons (box drums) and maracas. We sang some of my favourite songs whilst watching the sun set and eating homemade cookies from someone’s mum. It was beautiful. Something about the music and the backdrop just made it a memorable night.

Yesterday we all went downtown for cheesecake which was heavenly! I am not the biggest fan of cheesecake but these slices are out of this world! On our way back we got chatting to some high school kids who were just about to go off to college. They walked with us and we somehow managed to end up on top of another parking deck, taking in the sights around us.

I don’t know why the past two evenings have involved parking decks but you know what? I kinda like it. I like seeing this new place with new people, discovering new things. I’m really struggling with my roommate so these kinds of nights have kept me sane and reminded me why I am here.

I am here to learn and to grow. Nothing and no one are going to stop me from that.

Off to carry on watching the Great British Bake Off before dinner because you can take the gal out of England but you can’t take England out the gal!


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