A Weekend Hike

Last weekend some of the Americans I have met here got a group of us internationals together to show us one of their state’s natural treasures. Germans, Americans, Moroccans, Australians, Italians and British students (plus a poodle!) all came on this trip to a National State Park about an hour away from campus.

I have always loved walking and it is been a part of family outings and holidays since I was little. That being said, I must admit the number of actual hikes I have been on was very small. However, I was assured it would only take an hour to get up and down again.

The hike was short but hard work. I haven’t had the best workout routine for the past few months due to how hectic my summer became before leaving. Nevertheless, we reached the top unharmed if a little bit sweaty and I have to say, the sights that greeted us were worth every drop!

2015-08-15 12.40.212015-08-15 12.40.16

If I had one piece of advice for anyone studying abroad it would be to make friends with people from the country you are studying in, and if possible make friends with people who have cars! Having people who knew the area and had cars meant we could gather together a large group of people for a really fun day out and a little bit of head space before classes started.

Go out and find an adventure!

2015-08-15 13.14.29

(Please ignore my poor form! I know this isn’t the greatest tree pose but I was balancing on one leg near the edge of a mountain so I was shaking so bad!)


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