I auditioned for an acapella group

I have always wanted to be involved in an acapella group. It fascinates me how by working together you can create a beautiful sound with your voices, so when I saw a poster advertising auditions for an all female acapella group I immediately headed for the interest meeting. We were welcomed by wonderful, smiley women who introduced themselves and told us what the group was all about. I knew I had to audition! That being said, I never expected I would get a part. For me it was enough just to have the experience of going to an audition and getting to sing for the group.

I arrived super early for the auditions because I’m that person who arrives early for everything. In this case it worked in my favour as I was the third name on the list! We were given a form to fill in which included the essentials (name, email address, year, why do you want to be a member) and the not so essential but hilarious (tell us a joke – mine was awful, i know one joke and it’s not even funny!). After about ten minutes I was called into the audition room, had my photo taken, gave in my form and then introduced myself. I sang ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran because it’s one of my favourite songs & I thought it was one I could really make my own by playing around with it. They then tested my range and I shocked myself by going beyond my usual top note (a high A) and managed to just about reach a high C! We did some pitch matching as well which reminded me of all the choir warm-ups we used to do back in school. And then that was it. I now had to wait and see if I got a callback.

I headed to the library and finished some work and skyped my boyfriend to help try to calm my nerves but with time still to kill I went and chatted to some of the other girls who had auditioned. Then phones started to ring. I hadn’t set up my new US sim card yet so I was sat refreshing my emails! Then it popped up – I had a call back!! I was so excited as I never expected to get one. A lot of amazing girls auditioned! Excitedly we hurried back into the audition room. We were taught a song and then had to sing together so that they could figure out who blended and who did not. I was so nervous that I would mess up but I thought it went okay.

Then the waiting began again. I headed back to the library with a few of the girls and anxiously waited for an email. We waited for about half an hour and then my phone dinged……


I had the best night meeting all the girls and getting to know one another. I have been on cloud nine ever since. I cannot wait to start learning songs and getting involved. I haven’t stopped smiling.

So one piece of advice for today and every other  day…if you want to try something new but are scared, DO IT ANYWAY. I was so nervous but look how everything turned out! JUST GIVE IT A GO, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE IN TRYING!


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