My Labour Day Weekend

I had a blast this past weekend. Firstly, my professor cancelled my Friday class so I had a 4 day weekend – I am not complaining. However, there were some other reasons why I had fun this week. 

On Friday we drove about twenty minutes from campus for our acapella retreat. The first evening I was on dinner duty and thanks to chef Bekah we made a banging spaghetti bolognese (for my American friends reading this, banging means good!).  We then rehearsed until 11pm and followed that with a little party – nevertheless I was in bed by 1am as we had a long day the next day. 

On Saturday we started the day by getting to know each other. We sat round and talked to each other and it was kind of a raw and emotional hour and a half. I’m so glad we did it though. Life tip: everyone has stuff going on, be there for them and let them be there for you.  We then sang from about 2pm – 11pm and got through a looootttt of songs. Despite it being a long and intense rehearsal, it is inspiring to be around such talented people. I’m very lucky to be part of this group. After rehearsals we let off some steam with another party. They attempted to teach me how to twerk which I completely failed at but they taught me some other moves that I managed to get (I think!). I forgot to take any photos the whole retreat so I apologise for the lack of visuals here. 

Sunday morning I made my way back to campus and met with my friend Molly (one of the greatest humans alive just by the way). She took me for my first experience of American thrift shopping which was so fun! I picked up two shirts for $2.56 – thank you America for your labour day deals! 

Being the Disney fan that I am I very nearly bought this. I regret not picking it up now!! Hopefully I can go back and it will still be there. 

I spent the rest of the day at Molly’s house which is what I needed! Sometimes it’s nice to get away from campus and spend some time in a normal home! 

So that was my labour day weekend, I didn’t travel anywhere like a lot of people do but I had the best weekend with my friends. 

I’ll be posting another ‘Week in Pictures’ at the end of the week so look out for that! 


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