Riding the wave 

This week I have discovered that being homesick & stressed isn’t a good combination when you have anxiety. In fact, it’s a very very bad combination. I’m struggling to be away from everyone I love when the thing I need most is a cuddle and a cup of tea with them. 

However, my dad gave me the best piece of advice for dealing with anxiety. He told me I just needed to ride the wave. Ride the wave of panic, ride the wave of stress & ride the wave of sadness because life is full of ups and downs. And he’s completely right! I have days of utter doom & gloom which are then followed by times of happiness & adventure. It’s something to thing about when you’re sitting in a puddle of sadness missing home. That’s my top tip for study abroad students for this week – ride the wave! 

Quick update as I’m drowning in work this week…mid terms are right around the corner & I’m stressing! 

Cam, my boyfriend, came to visit me as he’s studying at a college not too far from me this year. It was so good to have a little piece of home with me and to share this little world I have made here. We had a great weekend exploring downtown including going to a museum and watching the gay pride festival that was going on. Both were eye opening. Especially the anti gay protestors which was definitely something I’ve never seen before. It was very bizarre. 

I may be a little quiet on here until after midterms but I’ll try to get back on track as soon as I can! For now enjoy some pictures I took at the weekend! 

I wanted to take this cutie home! 


A beautiful day downtown.  
Unsure of why there is a naked lady on this wall but it looked cool so here’s a picture of that. 


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