How do I even title this?

So this is going to be a little hard to write. 
For those of you who are close to me you know that I made the decision that American college wasn’t for me. The best way I can describe how I feel about my experience was to liken it to a bad relationship. You may love the person, you may have great memories with them but they’re not good for you and it’s unhealthy to stay with them. I am having a great semester at college. I have made friends for life, had experiences I’ll never forget and lived a whole new chapter of my life. But that chapter is just shorter than I originally planned it to be. Everyone has their limits and a semester is mine. It’s like being at a party – everyone else might be able to handle 5 tequila shots whilst you can only do 1. And it’s okay to only do 1 if that means you don’t end up throwing up or crying or not enjoying yourself. Funnily enough I’ve done all three of those things during my semester abroad. 
I don’t want this to put anyone off going abroad because I had a great time and I’m sad that I couldn’t stay longer. I’ve been gearing up for this year abroad for two years. I’ve spent two years planning and getting excited about it so trust me when I say that I did not make this decision lightly. However, I think the whole thing has taught me a big life lesson – listen to your heart and make the best decision for you. This whole way experience has shown me that I love to travel but hey maybe living in a different country isn’t right for me and that’s great, now I don’t have to look into houses anywhere other than England! 
I am not the kind of person to just get a bar job and wait until next September to start my final year back at my English university. I have always been very driven and have always pushed myself so these next few months will be no different. I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to accomplish in the months after Christmas. These include running a half marathon, redecorating my room, finding an internship (hopefully in the charity sector), volunteering, reading more books, researching for my dissertation (because I’m never going to give myself a break from education) and travelling. That’s right, I’m headed back to America in May to travel for a month with my boyfriend. That’s been our plan for a long time and I’m not letting anything change that. 
I want to thank all of the amazing people in my life – I sound like I’m accepting an Oscar now sorry! But really you have been amazing. There hasn’t been a single person that’s told me I’m crazy, there’s just been a lot of support and excitement that I’m coming home. Also thanks to anyone else who reads this blog and have said encouraging things and taken an interest in my posts. 
So there we go. That’s my decision. I’m finishing a semester, then I’m on a serious self development mission for 4 months, then I’m travelling, then I’m starting my final year at university. This blog will continue. My adventures will continue. 
I need a glass of wine after writing that, someone put aside a bottle for me to come home to in two months. 


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