Making changes 

I have been back in England about two weeks now and I’m pleased to report that a lot of good things have happened since I have been home. 

New social media

Maybe the least exciting when compared with my other news but is being featured in this blog post because it is something I have wanted to do for a long time. This week I made a YouTube channel that will be dedicated to monthly.  You can see my last blogpost for all the information & links on that. I had wanted to make this blog for a long time but never really felt confident enough in myself. Once I made it I found the fun in writing for it. I love planning posts, taking pictures and getting the feedback from people. Similarly, I had wanted to make vlogs for a long time and this week decided I was going to bite the bullet and start filming and editing one. I have realised that as long as I enjoy it I am not going to worry about anything else. Here’s to feeling confident and finding creative outlets. 

Getting an internship

Last year I went to a careers fair at my university and found what I wanted to do in life – charity fundraising. This job involves organising fundraising events and being part of the whole process of raising money for whichever charity you work for. I find something very rewarding in this and I also have a weird love of organising things so it’s kind of perfect. I had applied to a few different places in the past few weeks and went to my first interview the other day. It sounded like a wonderful opportunity to gain experience in the sector & everyone in the office seemed lovely. I am happy to report that I was offered the internship on Friday and I start in a few weeks. I am so excited to start my dream job! 

Seeing friends

This weekend I went back to my university town for the first time in five months. I also saw my best friend for the first time in forever as she was working abroad this summer. Our reunion involved tears, wine & dancing to Taylor Swift. My running team were having a house party as well so I got to hang out with my favourite runners again. It was wonderful but also difficult at the same time. Knowing I can’t be back at university until September is hard to deal with sometimes as I love it there. It’s also very difficult to spend time there without my boyfriend as its where our relationship began and where most of our time together has been spent. I think it was also a time of realisation for those who have not seen me since I’ve been away that I am not quite myself at the moment. Nevertheless with the good things that are to come & with some hard work and help I hope to be back to myself soon. 



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