Mini-series: Sharing Our Stories to Stop the Stigma #3

Welcome back to my mini-series that aims to tackle the stigmas surrounding mental health and provide support for everyone effected by them.  This week I have had messages from several different people who wanted to provide some tips for anyone who may need them. They all come from people suffering with different types of anxiety & I have definitely used some of these tips before!

Tips & Tricks for helping to ease your anxiety

  • ANIMALS. If you own a pet or know someone who will lend you one for a few hours, spend some time with them. Animals will listen to you, they won’t judge you, they’ll probably enjoy some playtime with you and they are great for making you feel calmer. I personally find having a cuddle with my dogs or taking them for a walk can really relax me when I’m not feeling so great.
  • MUSIC. Whether its listening to it, playing it, or just singing along in the car music is a great way to help you feel less tense. I don’t know about you but I have always felt better after a solo dance party to ‘Shake It Off’. One person messaged me saying that they try to ease their anxiety by meeting up with a friend and jamming out together. So if you play a musical instrument/sing and you have another friend who does this could be something worth trying.
    • I will also be posting my Monthly Music Favourites featuring songs I have been belting out this month. The November edition is already up so feel free to have a look.
  • COLOURING. Scientists have proven that adults who coloured felt more relaxed afterwards and this is something I whole-heartedly support. I have a children’s colouring book that I bought when I hurt my back and had to lie on the sofa for a week and I LOVE it. Recently I have invested in an adult colouring book that is designed to relax you which I bring out whenever I need some headspace. I know so many people my age who colour now and I am so glad this is something that people are starting to encourage. I highly recommend it to everyone.
  • EXERCISE. I can already hear some people groaning after reading that word. I know you have all heard it a million times before but it really is a great way to get some time away from your thoughts. It doesn’t have to be three hours in a gym pumping iron, it could be a gentle stroll round the block, a zumba class, anything you want it to be! Personally I do yoga and circuit classes, go to the gym (especially when I feel a bit rubbish) and go running. I find sticking my headphones in and working out is a great way to give myself some time away from everything. I definitely had some anxiety about going to bigger classes. The worries of not knowing what I was doing, looking stupid or people judging me – but none of that happened and I love the classes I go to now.

Of course these are just a few things you can do and I included ones that I had personal experience with so that I could provide some insight too. It is so so important to find someone you can talk to and please go to a doctor if you are worried. I know you have all heard that before but it is repeated for a reason. YOUR HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

If you would like to share your story please contact me by email ( I would also like to say that even if you do not want your story posted, my email is open for anyone that needs to just vent how they feel. I’ve had a few people do that already and sometimes it is nice just to share it with someone and take some weight off. I will not post your story without consent. 

Thank you for reading and be sure to check back soon for another episode of this mini-series.


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