Mini-series: Sharing Our Stories to Stop the Stigma #6

This week’s story is focused on anxiety and how this person has learnt to live a great life despite having it. I hope you can find inspiration and hope from this story.

My story: ever since I can remember, I’ve been on edge and anxious. I’m not sure when it started, maybe around puberty, but there came a point when I realised that life was quite tough, and the unexpected was to be feared.This anxiety has stayed with me all my life and manifests itself in worry, stress and physical outlets like anger and chewing fingers. It’s become part of me. I’ve recently learned that there may be several reasons for the rise of anxiety: bereavement, spoken or unspoken pressure from school or home, through to the possibility of being Aspergic and finding life unpredictable. I think in my case it is a combination of all three. I was lucky to find school work easy, I was lucky to be with a group of friends who were also high achievers. When I left those friends behind, I lost a support network and found life more and more confusing. I used to joke that I peaked too early. Now I see that I was a fish out of water, and a chain of decisions has given me a legacy of anxiety. I deal with it now via mindfulness, yoga and hard exercise, plus dog walking, but it’s always there. Now I’m older and a little wiser, I can see how it rules my life – my tip to you is to find ways of locking it away, rationalising it, being present in the moment so the future does not crowd in. Hypnotherapy, meditation and exercise can all help, and keep talking…tell people that you worry, why you worry and how they can help. Reading the Girl with the Curly Hair blog has made a lot of sense to me and how I think. Make your strategies work for you and good luck x

Thank-you for reading this week’s story. I only have a few more posts left in this mini-series and then I will be taking a break from it. I will still be posting on my blog and the mini-series will be back in the New Year. If you would like to share your story in the next series please feel free to email me at or contact me on social media: twitter is sophrambling & instagram is completelyrambling.



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