A week in pictures

I haven’t done one of these in a while & this week was one of the busiest I have had since Christmas.


I started my week off with some time in the gym. I’ve said on my blog before that going to the gym really helps give me some head space & I knew with a busy week ahead I would need to have a few moments to myself to prepare for the week.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


If you read my post about New Year’s resolutions you will know that I have been trying to learn more veggie recipes. This week I made a sushi bowl which was probably one of my more adventurous dishes. I’m thinking about writing a post on my favourite recipes soon so please let me know if this is something you would like to see.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


I discovered a fabulous little charity shop and whilst perusing the shelves I found two books I have been eager to read for the grand total of £2.50 – what a bargin!




I went to visit my partner in crime for a few cocktails to celebrate the good things that have happened in both of our lives recently. We also signed all the documents for our house, I cannot wait to live with my girl for Taylor swift, Disney & wine nights.


We took a family trip to see War Horse which we have all been dying to see for ages. It did not disappoint! For anyone who has seen it you will know how fabulously it is done & I recommend that everyone go and see it. It was truly amazing stagework and wonderful acting.



My week has brought some exciting changes career wise and I am still floating on cloud nine. I hope everyone has a great weekend & may the coming week be your best yet!


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Instagram has become a bit of an obsession of mine recently. I am constantly looking for things that would make cool photos & I love getting inspiration from other accounts. I thought I would share a couple of the accounts I am really enjoying at the moment.


Ella is my girl crush. I love how much positive energy she puts out into the universe & she is just an all round cool gal. I am also totally in love with her blog weneedtolivemore so definitely go check that out if you wanna feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Follow her for your fill of veganism, feminism & all round good vibes.

source: instagram


Another blogger (whatoliviadid) who shares my ella girl crush. Her instagram is filled with beautifully shot photos that give me complete outfit lust. She also owns the cutest little doggie. Follow for fashion inspo, aesthetically pleasing photographs & lots of pastels.

source: instagram


Frances is an artist who promotes body positivity & self love. Her drawings really speak to me & they help me accept my body for what it is ~ beautiful! It has also made me realise how funny people get about nudity ~ its natural people, we weren’t born with leggings & a jumper on, EMBRACE IT! Follow for fabulous artwork, feminism & body loving goodness!

source: instagram


This account is a collection of different instagrammers pics of London. It reminds me how gorgeous this city is & how lucky I am to live in England. Follow if you want to fall in love with London all over again.

source: instagram

Let me know if there are any accounts you think I should check out! Make sure to have at look my insta too 🙂

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How I stay organised

I love organisation.  There I said it, you can now all judge me. However, no matter how lame it may sound being organised can be very beneficial for a less stressful life, something I strive for to ease my anxiety. So for anyone wanting to become a little more organised this post is for you.

Bullet journal:

I had heard of this type of journaling before but it wasn’t until I read an article on Buzzfeed that I started to try it out. It allows you to write to do lists, keep track of events, keep a record of quotes, workouts and everything else you might need. Doesn’t sound very revolutionary does it? The thing about bullet journals is that they have a key which means you can look at your day at a glance and see how many events you have, what things you have to do and so on. I like to write a journal anyway but sometimes its nice to just write something down quickly.

If you want to try it out I advise having a look at this website which lays it all out a lot clearer than I can: http://bulletjournal.com


This notebook is from sighh.co


This may seem like an obvious one but I know a lot of people that own calendars but never use them! I use a monthly desktop pad which allows me to see what my month is looking like at a glance. Its a really handy thing to have at the moment as I am volunteering at a number of places and looking for another internship to start. With all these commitments it would be hard to keep track of everything without this calendar. You could even colour co-ordinate if you wanted to go all out on the organisational front.


This is from Fox and Star and they have a sale on at the moment 😉


It is a well known fact that buying cute stationery motivates you to stay organised. Whether it be pens, notebooks, diaries or even pencil cases all of these things can help keep you organised.  I love Fox and Star which is an online stationery shop. They have loads of cute products at good prices and when you order something from them they write you a little note that comes with your order which I think is a lovely little touch. Sticker Stack is another that I have used before and they are similar to Fox and Star. For anyone in England head down to a Paperchase as their January sales are always full of great deals and their products are lovely. My all time favourite stationery shop is one that I have mentioned before – Kikki.K. I can’t do justice to their products with words so just head over to their site or their store in Covent Garden and you will see what I mean.

pencil case

This pencil case is from Kipling

Weekly Check-ins:

This sounds more intense than I mean it to. What I mean by this is that at the end of the week you should take ten minutes to look back and reflect on your week. What worked, what didn’t, how you can improve on your organisation and productivity. It also means taking time to cut yourself some slack too. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you didn’t have the best week, we all have them and sometimes it just can’t be helped. Make sure you remind yourself of this.

I hope that has been a help to anyone who wants to get more organised this year. What are your tips for staying organised and what are your favourite stationery shops?

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Retail Therapy: the January sales

I am definitely one of those people that loves a good shopping spree. I am however, very particular about the circumstances in which I go shopping, particularly when it is sale season. Having anxiety means big crowds are usually a bit of a nightmare so I do try to go at quieter times when I can. Luckily, I have had the first week of January off work as I have been visiting my boyfriend. Although he was slightly unwilling, I took this opportunity to have a good ol’ hunt around for some gems & I have to say I was quite successful.

I wanted to write a blog post on this not to show off what I bought but more to tell you the reasons behind why I bought them. A lot of the products I bought are part of my New Year’s resolutions & some are purely bought to help with my mental health. I hope you can gain inspiration from these products as they are most certainly helping me! Remember its not all about what is in your bag though, how you feel within yourself is the top priority!

Mindfulness Gift Box – Kikki.K

I discovered this gorgeous stationery shop in Covent Garden during the Christmas break. I actually had to force myself out of the shop so that I didn’t buy the whole place. Whilst I had restraint then,  I couldn’t help myself during their sale & I purchased a Mindfulness box to aid with my new year’s resolution. This box comes with a Mindfulness journal filled with quotes, questions and blank pages to write about your progress. It always includes a scented candle and little quote cards which you can pin up or carry around in your wallet for inspiration. I also purchased a sticker book (because there is nothing wrong with still liking stickers after primary school!) that is filled with beautifully designed stickers and quotes. These are great for using in cards to people, in your journal or just anything else you want a sticker on!










Passive Aggressive Colouring Book

I am all about adult colouring books. They are proven to help you relax when you are stressed, help keep a healthy mind but most importantly they are just really good fun! I found this gem in a bookshop I was perusing and once I’d had a flick through I knew I had to buy this hilarious book. It’s filled with funny cartoons of everyday situations that we love to hate, for example, being on a train full of people during rush hour or failing to perfect a yoga pose!

colouringkale failrubbish yoga







Calvin Klein underwear

Recently I had a trip to an outlet and was thrilled to see that there was a sale on at Calvin Klein. I have lusted after their products for a long time but as a student I could never justify spending that much money on underwear! I’ve seen a lot of bloggers (namely two of my favourites – Sprinkleofglitter and Ella Grace Denton from weneedtolivemore) talking about giving themselves some love by buying some pretty underwear and I wholeheartedly agree! Ladies, treat yourself to some underwear and wear them all the time, don’t save them for a special occassion! Love yourself – it can do wonders for your mind!


CK bra


Veggie Cookbook

I recently became a vegetarian and I quickly realised that I needed to really make more of an effort with my cooking. Luckily I found a reduced copy of a vegetarian cookbook in The Works & I think I’ve struck gold with it. There are so many good recipes and I cannot wait to get cooking!

veggie book



It’s that time of the year again folks! I personally love keeping a record of my New Year’s Resolutions so that I can see whether I stuck to them throughout the whole year. My success rate in keeping them isn’t usually too bad but I think this may be down to how general they are e.g. Get fitter, eat better etc.

So this year I decided I wanted them to be a little more specific:

  1. Mindfulness – I have heard so many good things from people who have started learning about and practicing mindfulness that it has inspired me to give it a go. It is supposed to be excellent for those with any mental health issues & just for your mind in general. I have started making meditation part of my daily routine, researching mindfulness & have recently purchased a mindfulness journal (which will be featured in my next post) to help keep track of my progress. It is very interesting seeing how different you can feel when you try to focus on being completely within a moment. I am excited to see how I get on with this goal throughout the year
  2. Cooking – Recently I have been so lazy with cooking meals and I wanted to try to avoid this in 2016. I am determined to get better at actually making the effort to go out and buy ingredients and make proper veggie meals.
  3. Saving – As I am off to America in May for a month of travelling I am eager to try to save a few pounds here and there. I have started keeping a spending diary to keep track of where my money seems to wander off to when I’m not paying attention. I made this one of my resolutions as I wanted to try and be a bit more aware of how much I am spending after I come back from my travels as well.

Those are my three resolutions for 2016, I will keep you updated on whether I actually keep them but its been 11 days and I haven’t given up yet so its a positive start!

What are your resolutions this year?

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Hello 2016

Hey guys,

I just wanted to write a short blog post to say hello, yes I am still here, I’ve just been fully enjoying my time off! I had a wonderful Christmas & New Year, not without visits from both my depression & my anxiety but for the most part they seemed to be having some time out for the festive period too.

In case you missed it, the final part of my “Sharing Our Stories to Stop The Stigma” was posted a few weeks ago, marking the end of a wonderful & inspirational project. It blew me away how much support was given to me & those who wrote in and it was crazy to see how many suffer in silence. I would LOVE to do another series so please please share this blog & spread the word. I can’t do another series without any stories so if you want to say a few words please don’t hesitate to contact me on any of my social media platforms or by email.

I’ll leave you with this video from my Youtube channel (just type completelyrambling into the search bar), so you can see what I got up to in December & why I was a bit rubbish with keeping up with my blog!

December Vlog

Happy 2016! I hope this year is your best yet (I’m certainly hoping its mine!).

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