Hello 2016

Hey guys,

I just wanted to write a short blog post to say hello, yes I am still here, I’ve just been fully enjoying my time off! I had a wonderful Christmas & New Year, not without visits from both my depression & my anxiety but for the most part they seemed to be having some time out for the festive period too.

In case you missed it, the final part of my “Sharing Our Stories to Stop The Stigma” was posted a few weeks ago, marking the end of a wonderful & inspirational project. It blew me away how much support was given to me & those who wrote in and it was crazy to see how many suffer in silence. I would LOVE to do another series so please please share this blog & spread the word. I can’t do another series without any stories so if you want to say a few words please don’t hesitate to contact me on any of my social media platforms or by email.

I’ll leave you with this video from my Youtube channel (just type completelyrambling into the search bar), so you can see what I got up to in December & why I was a bit rubbish with keeping up with my blog!

December Vlog

Happy 2016! I hope this year is your best yet (I’m certainly hoping its mine!).

Contact me here:

email: completelyrambling@gmail.com

twitter: sophrambling

instagram: completelyrambling

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXm6l2emoqudw6B4jYk77TQ



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