It’s that time of the year again folks! I personally love keeping a record of my New Year’s Resolutions so that I can see whether I stuck to them throughout the whole year. My success rate in keeping them isn’t usually too bad but I think this may be down to how general they are e.g. Get fitter, eat better etc.

So this year I decided I wanted them to be a little more specific:

  1. Mindfulness – I have heard so many good things from people who have started learning about and practicing mindfulness that it has inspired me to give it a go. It is supposed to be excellent for those with any mental health issues & just for your mind in general. I have started making meditation part of my daily routine, researching mindfulness & have recently purchased a mindfulness journal (which will be featured in my next post) to help keep track of my progress. It is very interesting seeing how different you can feel when you try to focus on being completely within a moment. I am excited to see how I get on with this goal throughout the year
  2. Cooking – Recently I have been so lazy with cooking meals and I wanted to try to avoid this in 2016. I am determined to get better at actually making the effort to go out and buy ingredients and make proper veggie meals.
  3. Saving – As I am off to America in May for a month of travelling I am eager to try to save a few pounds here and there. I have started keeping a spending diary to keep track of where my money seems to wander off to when I’m not paying attention. I made this one of my resolutions as I wanted to try and be a bit more aware of how much I am spending after I come back from my travels as well.

Those are my three resolutions for 2016, I will keep you updated on whether I actually keep them but its been 11 days and I haven’t given up yet so its a positive start!

What are your resolutions this year?

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