Retail Therapy: the January sales

I am definitely one of those people that loves a good shopping spree. I am however, very particular about the circumstances in which I go shopping, particularly when it is sale season. Having anxiety means big crowds are usually a bit of a nightmare so I do try to go at quieter times when I can. Luckily, I have had the first week of January off work as I have been visiting my boyfriend. Although he was slightly unwilling, I took this opportunity to have a good ol’ hunt around for some gems & I have to say I was quite successful.

I wanted to write a blog post on this not to show off what I bought but more to tell you the reasons behind why I bought them. A lot of the products I bought are part of my New Year’s resolutions & some are purely bought to help with my mental health. I hope you can gain inspiration from these products as they are most certainly helping me! Remember its not all about what is in your bag though, how you feel within yourself is the top priority!

Mindfulness Gift Box – Kikki.K

I discovered this gorgeous stationery shop in Covent Garden during the Christmas break. I actually had to force myself out of the shop so that I didn’t buy the whole place. Whilst I had restraint then,  I couldn’t help myself during their sale & I purchased a Mindfulness box to aid with my new year’s resolution. This box comes with a Mindfulness journal filled with quotes, questions and blank pages to write about your progress. It always includes a scented candle and little quote cards which you can pin up or carry around in your wallet for inspiration. I also purchased a sticker book (because there is nothing wrong with still liking stickers after primary school!) that is filled with beautifully designed stickers and quotes. These are great for using in cards to people, in your journal or just anything else you want a sticker on!










Passive Aggressive Colouring Book

I am all about adult colouring books. They are proven to help you relax when you are stressed, help keep a healthy mind but most importantly they are just really good fun! I found this gem in a bookshop I was perusing and once I’d had a flick through I knew I had to buy this hilarious book. It’s filled with funny cartoons of everyday situations that we love to hate, for example, being on a train full of people during rush hour or failing to perfect a yoga pose!

colouringkale failrubbish yoga







Calvin Klein underwear

Recently I had a trip to an outlet and was thrilled to see that there was a sale on at Calvin Klein. I have lusted after their products for a long time but as a student I could never justify spending that much money on underwear! I’ve seen a lot of bloggers (namely two of my favourites – Sprinkleofglitter and Ella Grace Denton from weneedtolivemore) talking about giving themselves some love by buying some pretty underwear and I wholeheartedly agree! Ladies, treat yourself to some underwear and wear them all the time, don’t save them for a special occassion! Love yourself – it can do wonders for your mind!


CK bra


Veggie Cookbook

I recently became a vegetarian and I quickly realised that I needed to really make more of an effort with my cooking. Luckily I found a reduced copy of a vegetarian cookbook in The Works & I think I’ve struck gold with it. There are so many good recipes and I cannot wait to get cooking!

veggie book



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