How I stay organised

I love organisation.  There I said it, you can now all judge me. However, no matter how lame it may sound being organised can be very beneficial for a less stressful life, something I strive for to ease my anxiety. So for anyone wanting to become a little more organised this post is for you.

Bullet journal:

I had heard of this type of journaling before but it wasn’t until I read an article on Buzzfeed that I started to try it out. It allows you to write to do lists, keep track of events, keep a record of quotes, workouts and everything else you might need. Doesn’t sound very revolutionary does it? The thing about bullet journals is that they have a key which means you can look at your day at a glance and see how many events you have, what things you have to do and so on. I like to write a journal anyway but sometimes its nice to just write something down quickly.

If you want to try it out I advise having a look at this website which lays it all out a lot clearer than I can:


This notebook is from


This may seem like an obvious one but I know a lot of people that own calendars but never use them! I use a monthly desktop pad which allows me to see what my month is looking like at a glance. Its a really handy thing to have at the moment as I am volunteering at a number of places and looking for another internship to start. With all these commitments it would be hard to keep track of everything without this calendar. You could even colour co-ordinate if you wanted to go all out on the organisational front.


This is from Fox and Star and they have a sale on at the moment 😉


It is a well known fact that buying cute stationery motivates you to stay organised. Whether it be pens, notebooks, diaries or even pencil cases all of these things can help keep you organised.  I love Fox and Star which is an online stationery shop. They have loads of cute products at good prices and when you order something from them they write you a little note that comes with your order which I think is a lovely little touch. Sticker Stack is another that I have used before and they are similar to Fox and Star. For anyone in England head down to a Paperchase as their January sales are always full of great deals and their products are lovely. My all time favourite stationery shop is one that I have mentioned before – Kikki.K. I can’t do justice to their products with words so just head over to their site or their store in Covent Garden and you will see what I mean.

pencil case

This pencil case is from Kipling

Weekly Check-ins:

This sounds more intense than I mean it to. What I mean by this is that at the end of the week you should take ten minutes to look back and reflect on your week. What worked, what didn’t, how you can improve on your organisation and productivity. It also means taking time to cut yourself some slack too. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you didn’t have the best week, we all have them and sometimes it just can’t be helped. Make sure you remind yourself of this.

I hope that has been a help to anyone who wants to get more organised this year. What are your tips for staying organised and what are your favourite stationery shops?

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