Instagram has become a bit of an obsession of mine recently. I am constantly looking for things that would make cool photos & I love getting inspiration from other accounts. I thought I would share a couple of the accounts I am really enjoying at the moment.


Ella is my girl crush. I love how much positive energy she puts out into the universe & she is just an all round cool gal. I am also totally in love with her blog weneedtolivemore so definitely go check that out if you wanna feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Follow her for your fill of veganism, feminism & all round good vibes.

source: instagram


Another blogger (whatoliviadid) who shares my ella girl crush. Her instagram is filled with beautifully shot photos that give me complete outfit lust. She also owns the cutest little doggie. Follow for fashion inspo, aesthetically pleasing photographs & lots of pastels.

source: instagram


Frances is an artist who promotes body positivity & self love. Her drawings really speak to me & they help me accept my body for what it is ~ beautiful! It has also made me realise how funny people get about nudity ~ its natural people, we weren’t born with leggings & a jumper on, EMBRACE IT! Follow for fabulous artwork, feminism & body loving goodness!

source: instagram


This account is a collection of different instagrammers pics of London. It reminds me how gorgeous this city is & how lucky I am to live in England. Follow if you want to fall in love with London all over again.

source: instagram

Let me know if there are any accounts you think I should check out! Make sure to have at look my insta too 🙂

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