My First Time in York

This weekend I made the long drive up the motorway to visit my best bud since birth, in York. As it is Valentine’s weekend and with both of our boyfriends currently working abroad we decided it was the perfect opportunity to have a girly night in together.


I have never been to York but had heard how picturesque it was and I can safely say I was not disappointed. As soon as I came off the motorway I was greeted by quaint stone houses and little independent shops, all glowing in the sunshine (a rare sight for England in February). After finding a parking space and a cup of tea later we were headed off to campus as Beth had a quick meeting with her work group. I have to say it did make me chuckle how easily I slipped back into being in a seminar scenario! Whilst the project they were working on obviously had nothing to do with me my brain kept telling me to concentrate and I even found myself almost contributing to the discussion! Bearing in mind that I know absolutely nothing about the degree Beth is doing it did amuse me how naturally the uni routine came back to me. This is actually quite reassuring seeing as I will be back at uni in 7 months!

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With the meeting over we headed into town for a little wander round. One of my favourite things about Brighton is  a place called the Laines which is full of quirky and independent shops. Therefore, I was delighted to find the Shambles in York which has a similar vibe to it. After taking in the sights, including the Minster, we went to a place called Cafe Concerto for milkshakes. This music themed cafe’s walls are covered in sheet music and there are various musical instruments hanging from the ceilings. It’s a fab and inexpensive pit stop if you ever find yourself in need of a coffee in York.

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Our evening consisted of fajitas (with Quorn chicken), red wine, chocolate and watching our childhood faves Gok Wan and Fearne Cotton in their show Off the Rails. Beth and I used to have sleepovers every weekend when we were growing up and despite being in our twenties we followed a very similar routine of eating too much, laughing at silly things and talking until way past midnight.

The next morning called for brunch so we headed back into town and sought out a Bill’s. Your brunch game is not strong enough unless you’ve managed to get some at this fab place. We had an agonising wait but it was well worth it when I was presented with peanut butter & banana french toast topped with an almond butter and dark chocolate sauce and strawberries!


After brunch it was time for me to leave as I had a long drive home and wanted to get back before it got dark. Although short, this trip was exactly what we both needed to combat the Valentine’s blues we were both at risk from getting. Having a best friend who you’ve known your whole life is an absolute blessing. Beth & I know each other better than we know ourselves and there is something very comforting about not having to explain myself to her. Friends like these are rare and I am very lucky to have this little star in my life.

What are your weekend plans? Have you ever been to York & if so do you have any suggestions for where we should go next time I visit? Let me know in the comments or find me on social media:

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