Living the dream: my first week at work

Seeing as I have just started a new internship I thought I would write a little post about my first couple of weeks there. As I type this, I am currently sitting on the tube on my way into work. Now that I am using the tube more frequently I would have hoped to have seen someone at least vaguely famous by now. Alas, no celebrity needs to be on a tube at 7 in the morning.

That’s the first thing I’m going to address – the early mornings. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about how early I would need to wake up and how late I would be getting home. Honestly, I barely notice. Okay that’s a lie, I do notice the early mornings, especially today, but on the whole it’s affected  me less than I was anticipating. I think that is probably down to how much I am enjoying the job.

I absolutely adore this job. For anyone not 100% sure of what they want to do I suggest interning somewhere. This internship has confirmed to me how much I love the job and how much I want to make it my career. If I could go straight into a permanent role from this internship I would but I think I should probably finish that degree I’m spending 21k on first! Don’t get me wrong I am very excited to go back to uni and I absolutely love my course. It’s just nice to know that I’m also going to really enjoy the career I have picked. Thank god I didn’t take anyone’s advice to be a lawyer!

My first few days have been fast paced to say the least. We are working on a huge project and there are some tight deadlines but getting my teeth stuck into something is exactly what I wanted to do. I also had an induction day with all the other interns in the organisation. We had talks from all different departments as well as those awkward ice breakers everyone thinks are a good idea. However, the other interns all seem lovely which is an added bonus as I was the only intern in my last job. The talks from the departments were very interesting and inspiring and they encouraged us to get involved as much as possible. I came away so hyped about the whole thing. In fact that’s how I finish every day at the moment. Every day on the train home I text my dad and my boyfriend with something along the lines of “OMG I LOVE THIS. THIS IS MY DREAM JOB! AHHHHH”.

So that’s why I’ve failed to post anything on here in a while. My excitement at the end of the day quickly turns into tiredness which means I’ve fallen asleep at 9.30 every night this week. Grandma over here! Never mind, I can deal with being a grandma if every day is like this!

If anyone has any questions about being an intern, do not hesitate to contact me on social media.

What is your dream job?

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