A reminder

Recently I have had a lot of people say this or something similar to me – “when you don’t have depression any more…”.

I want to make it clear to those who do not have a mental illness ~ it doesn’t disappear one day. Yes, my good days are more frequent than my bad ones. Sometimes weeks go by without a hint of depression or anxiety in sight. That doesn’t mean it’s gone. It means I’m learning to cope better.

Unfortunately I cannot predict the future and life often throws things at us that we are not expecting. I may be able to take these in my stride or one of them might flip me upside down & inside out and I will be back in that dark place. I just do not know. No one knows.

For those who have loved ones who have mental illnesses and know this already, please do not think I am writing this to patronise you. This is simply something that I have experienced recently & wanted to share my thoughts on.


Anyone else had a simple experience?






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