Insta~love #2

It’s time for another round of insta~love, where I share the instagram accounts I have been scrolling through until I get all the way back to 2010.


Sian & I often have discussion about how we want to be part of Little Mix –  I mean, who wouldn’t?  Anyway, Perrie’s instagram is my favourite because 1) I have a HUGE girl crush on here 2) She gives me outfit envy on a daily basis 3) She’s just really cool, okay?

Follow her for your fill of girl band goodness, cute doggies & outfit inspo.

                                source: instagram


I recently discovered the wonders of #bookstagram. This trend consists of people sharing what books they’ve been reading in the form of beautiful pictures. I love scrolling through this hashtag, spotting books I want to read and having serious bookshelf envy. Hayaisreading is one of my favourite accounts as her pictures are always themed and wonderfully set up. You can tell she puts time and effort into her posts.

Follow for all things aesthically pleasing & book-related.

                                source: instagram


Carrie is an incredible woman ~ author, actor, youtuber, songwriter, all round do gooder & disney lover. She just emanates happiness & good vibes. She has currently just finished her run at Les Mis, which I saw her in a few years ago & was blown away by her talent! She is now set to be Truly Scrumptious in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which has now moved onto the top of my ‘to see at the theatre’ list. Oh and did I mention she recently cut off all her long hair and donated it to make wigs for people who need them most – like I said before, an incredible woman! I highly recommend watching her Youtube videos which I will link here. 

Follow for disney related, theatre related, adorableness.


Let me know if there are any accounts you think I should check out! Make sure to have at look my insta too 🙂

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