Things that made me happy this week

If you feel down, start making a little note of things that make you smile. It is a really great thing to reflect on at the end of the week and I definitely needed it after a very busy week at work!

A girly night with my best friend ~ we watched a rubbish film on Netflix called G.B.F (I do not recommend it!), ate pizza and…

… learned the dance routine to Little Mix’s ‘Black Magic’

New stationery ~ there is nothing like a trip to Paperchase when you are feeling a little blue

New makeup ~ similarly to the above, I always feel like I have really treated myself when I buy new products (even though these were an absolute bargain!)

Getting back into playing guitar again ~ it’s been a while since I really sat down and had a little singsong. This weekend I sat with the sun streaming in through the window & sang a few songs.

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Knowing it’s less than two weeks until I see Cam for our American adventure ~ words cannot describe my excitement to be reunited and explore some cities together.

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Having a good old catch up with some friends ~ even if I am suffering with a hangover today.

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What made you smile this week?

In case you missed it, I posted a new monthly vlog last week – click here to catch up.

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I am strong.

The past week has been rife with conflict. A continuous battle within myself. A fight against good and evil that could be straight out of a fairy tale if a fairy tale was set within my whirring mind.


It was not all that long ago that I would have let these feelings completely overtake every fibre of my being, leaving me stuck in bed with nothing but my sadness.


Things have changed.



I got up, I went to work, I read my book, I took my meds, I went to the gym, I spent time with friends, I went shopping, I painted, I skyped my boyfriend.  I did all the things that make me happy because it is about time my depression got a wake up call … I AM STRONG.


Like every other human being I have things that I worry about. I have things that I stress about. I get upset. However, these are just feelings, they are not the be all and end all. Sometimes they are fleeting, sometimes they linger but I now know that they do not rule my whole life. The darkness that threatens to creep in is now, largely, kept at bay … I AM STRONG.





Remember this on those darker days.

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My favourite podcasts 

I didn’t give podcasts the time of day until fairly recently. I started listening to them whilst I was in America when my anxiety was at its highest, as listening to someone talk helped soothe my mind. A couple months down the line and I now listen to podcasts all the time. I have one playing whilst I get ready for work, one during my commute and I still listen to one at night to stop me overthinking and over-analysing. Therefore, I thought it was about time I shared my favourites & encouraged you all to give podcasts a go!

No Such Thing As A Fish

This hilariously titled podcast is made by the QI elves at the BBC. If you are unfamiliar with QI, it is a quiz show consisting of two teams made up of comedians. Stephen Fry aka the coolest & smartest guy ever, is the host of this intellectual yet simultaneously silly show. In order for them to have questions every week the show has researchers who have been dubbed the QI elves. Every week they get together and discuss the ridiculous and interesting facts they have found. The elves have a wicked sense of humour, making this podcast my ultimate favourite and one I look forward to every week. It may sound like a pretty simple format but I really do recommend you have a listen.

Ladies Who Lunch 

This shiny new podcast  was only released very recently by two Youtubers – Cat Valdes & Ingrid Nilsen. They discuss all kinds of different issues that affect women as well as things that happen in their day to day lives. Their first episode was all about friendship whilst a more recent one was about feminism today. This is a great podcast for anyone wanting something opinionated and interesting. Definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Dear Hank & John

If you don’t know who Hank & John Green are – where have you been since the mid to late noughties? John Green is the author of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ & ‘Paper Towns’ to name a few but both brothers have successfully made a name for themselves. This podcast consists of them answering questions that people have sent in and just talking about stuff. It may not sound that interesting but the guys are hilarious & witty & provide my ears with some very enjoyable chatter whilst I get ready for work.


Have you got any podcasts that you really enjoy? Let me know any that I should try out!

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Lovelula Box Review 

If you have read my March Favourites post you will have seen that I mentioned this subscription box already. The box is full of vegan, cruelty free, organic and natural beauty products and comes at the very reasonable price of £12.50 a month.
As someone who is trying to be more conscious about where my beauty products come from but is completely clueless about how to start – this is the perfect product. The Lovelula box contains full sized products, some miniatures and some samples and anything that you really enjoy you can buy from the site for 20% off! So really you get a pretty good deal as well as a clear conscience.

I’m not here to force these products on anyone, I haven’t been sponsored to write this and I promise to give an honest review!

Skin Blossom – gentle cleansing milk

I use this cleansing milk as part of my morning shower routine and so far I have been happy with the results. Whilst I can’t say it smells particularly great it does make my skin feel very soft. If you’re not fussed by scent then it’s not a bad little product.

Turbliss – bioactive peat mask

I won’t pretend that I wasn’t wary about putting peat on my face especially when I saw how ridiculous I looked with the mask on. However, I really like it now that I’ve got over the peat factor! It’s very exfoliating and you only need to use it once or twice a week to see results.

John Masters – shower gel 

This shower gel sample was in the scent blood orange & vanilla. Now I’m not the biggest fan of orange (my brothers once had a competition to see how many orange segments I could eat as a baby & I was sick everywhere) so the scent wasn’t massively appealing to me. My skin also felt itchy afterwards and I’m not sure if it just didn’t react well with the Lush bath oil I was using or whether it doesn’t agree with my skin generally. I’m definitely willing to give another of their products a try but this one was not for me.

Hurraw –  moon balm

I already raved about this in my last blog post but to catch you up – it’s a brilliant moisturising lip balm with a cute name.

Urban Veda – radiance collection

I used the moisturiser the other day and was pleasantly surprised at how little product you need. It spreads really well and smells gorgeous. Definitely going to be incorporating these into my skincare routine

Madara – tinted moisturiser 

GLITTER. WHY IS THERE GLITTER! It always disappoints me when a skin product has glitter in it because I really hate looking like I am out of a Twilight film. The whole vampire look is very 2009 and not one I really want to be sporting. It’s a shame as I had high hopes for this product but I am not a fan.

Have you got any beauty faves you think I should try?

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Monday Motivation

I know I know, it’s Monday & you are filled with feelings that can all be described by one word – “UGH!”. Recently I have been trying to include more positive thinking into my daily routine as I can very easily slip into a cycle of feeling like crap every day of the week. To help with this I have been looking to a blogger’s holy grail website – PINTEREST – and have compiled a little motivational post to get you through your week.







I hope this helps to kick-start your week! If you want to follow me on pinterest you can by clicking here

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March Favourites

March has been a great little month even though I’m trying to not count down the days until my American Adventure. Here are all the things I loved in March:


All The Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr

This story follows the lives of a German boy and a French girl during WWII. The way the author interlinks these two stories is wonderful and it definitely didn’t turn out the way I had expected which is something I like in a book. It’s beautifully written and I was enthralled throughout it. I can’t really say too much about it without giving the plot away but I really recommend it. Also the cover art is beautiful which I know isn’t important but, personally, I always appreciate a pretty looking book!

Broken Sky – L.A. Weatherly

This is the first in a new series from this author and is set in a dystopian version of 1940s America. War is illegal and instead they have Peacefights where two pilots from the countries who are disagreeing try to get the other plane down. The aim isn’t to kill the pilots, they are all expected to bail from the plane if it has been fatally hit. The idea is that it is a fair and peaceful way to settle disputes. However, Amity Vancour, the heroine of this story, uncovers a huge secret which threatens to rock this peaceful world they have been living in. This book is full of drama & adventure – I even put off reading the last 20 pages as I knew the only way this book would end would be on a massive cliff hanger. I was right & it pains me to know I will have to wait until Autumn when the next book will be released.  I really recommend this book to anyone looking for a new series to get into.



Anatomicals Sleep Balm

I picked this up at Urban Outfitters for about £5 and was excited to try something that promised to help me sleep. You apply this balm to your pulse points i.e. your temples or your wrists and because of its lavender scent it is supposed to send you to sleep. Whilst I can’t claim that I fell asleep as soon as I applied the balm, I do find it really helpful to calm my anxiety at night time. Recently, I have been on the verge of panic attacks every night for reasons unclear to me but the scent of this balm really helps to soothe and relax me. I really like this product but if you are not a believer in essential oils & their properties then it may not be for you.

Hurraw Moon Balm

I got this product in my LoveLula box which is a monthly subscription box that sends natural,organic and vegan products right to your doorstep for the small fee of £12.95. I will be doing a review of all the products in this box so keep your eyes peeled for that! The moon balm that was in this box is my favourite product I have tried so far for two reasons:

  1. It’s a really moisturising lip-balm which continues to work for a long time after applying it
  2. I like the words moon balm

If you’re not sold on something called a ‘moon balm’ I am unsure how to please you because to me that is the cutest little name for a product! The idea is that you apply it before bed and it moisturises throughout the night. After a few days of using it I really felt the difference and it is nice to use a product knowing that it has been produced in a cruelty free way.

TV Shows

Gilmore Girls

This is the ultimate feel good weekend viewing! If you haven’t seen it, get on Netflix and watch it. I’ll apologise now if you end up losing your weekend in Star’s Hollow.


Adele at the O2

I have adored Adele’s music since the day I got her first album as a birthday present when I was about 12. I am very picky with who I go and see live as tickets are often expensive and I want a lot of bang for my buck. Whilst the tickets to see Adele were pricey I can safely say they were worth every single penny. Sian & I went as her little birthday present from me, on Adele’s first night in London. She managed to make the huge arena feel like we were sitting in her front room having a chat and a singsong. She had such good crowd interaction and she came out with the funniest things. If any of you have seen the news story about the couple getting engaged and Adele bringing them up on stage – I was there and it was magical! My boyfriend has been told I will now only accept a proposal if it is done at an Adele concert so sorry girl but you’re gonna have to keep touring for a few more years 😉

Not many artists can make their own songs sound better but she hit every note perfectly and the emotion she put into every song was breathtaking. I didn’t sleep that night because I was still in shock that I had seen my idol live! Maybe that’s a little sad but honestly…I am okay with that!


Oxford is one of my favourite places to visit. The city is a magical little haven of bookstores, coffee shops and very intelligent looking people. Recently, I met up with my old flatmate, Anisha, and showed her some of my favourite places. She got completely wrapped up in my favourite bookshop and we both came out with a carrier bag full of books! We caught up on all the gossip & enthused about how much we were looking forward to fourth year. Roll on September!

What have been your favourite things this month? Is there anything I should try in April? Let me know:

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