My favourite podcasts 

I didn’t give podcasts the time of day until fairly recently. I started listening to them whilst I was in America when my anxiety was at its highest, as listening to someone talk helped soothe my mind. A couple months down the line and I now listen to podcasts all the time. I have one playing whilst I get ready for work, one during my commute and I still listen to one at night to stop me overthinking and over-analysing. Therefore, I thought it was about time I shared my favourites & encouraged you all to give podcasts a go!

No Such Thing As A Fish

This hilariously titled podcast is made by the QI elves at the BBC. If you are unfamiliar with QI, it is a quiz show consisting of two teams made up of comedians. Stephen Fry aka the coolest & smartest guy ever, is the host of this intellectual yet simultaneously silly show. In order for them to have questions every week the show has researchers who have been dubbed the QI elves. Every week they get together and discuss the ridiculous and interesting facts they have found. The elves have a wicked sense of humour, making this podcast my ultimate favourite and one I look forward to every week. It may sound like a pretty simple format but I really do recommend you have a listen.

Ladies Who Lunch 

This shiny new podcast  was only released very recently by two Youtubers – Cat Valdes & Ingrid Nilsen. They discuss all kinds of different issues that affect women as well as things that happen in their day to day lives. Their first episode was all about friendship whilst a more recent one was about feminism today. This is a great podcast for anyone wanting something opinionated and interesting. Definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Dear Hank & John

If you don’t know who Hank & John Green are – where have you been since the mid to late noughties? John Green is the author of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ & ‘Paper Towns’ to name a few but both brothers have successfully made a name for themselves. This podcast consists of them answering questions that people have sent in and just talking about stuff. It may not sound that interesting but the guys are hilarious & witty & provide my ears with some very enjoyable chatter whilst I get ready for work.


Have you got any podcasts that you really enjoy? Let me know any that I should try out!

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