Time to get away

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will have heard me refer to this 3 week period of my life that I have been looking forward to for a very long time. It is now only 3 days until I set off on a three week trip to some of the best cities the American East Coast has to offer.

In this post I’m going to address both my excitement for & my fears about this trip,what’s going to be happening on the blog whilst I’m away and some travel tips from this inexperienced traveler (all advice welcome!)

Are you going to be posting whilst you are away?

The short answer is: maybe. The long answer is: I really want to post whilst I am out in the States, maybe little round ups of each city and some others focused on specific things we do. However, I also don’t want to be hunched over my iPad instead of taking in everything and living in the moment so it will be a case of whether I think I can find some free time to sit down and write. It also very much depends on our wifi connection!

source: tumblr

Are you nervous about flying again?

100%! The last time I was on a plane was at one of the lowest points in my life and the last time my dad dropped me off at an airport I was stepping into the unknown on a year abroad that triggered the aforementioned low point. That being said I know that if I can just get through those 8 hours I am going to be embarking on an amazing adventure with a super special person. In the grand scheme of things, 8 hours is nothing and I’m a lot stronger now than I have ever been.


source: valentinadesigns.com


What are you most excited for?

I don’t know if I can pinpoint one thing if I am completely honest. I am really excited to spend some time in Maine as it seems to have a very cool, chilled out vibe and we are hoping to go whale watching whilst we are there. Equally, I am so excited to be going back to my favourite place, New York! The last time I went there I fell in love with the city, so I cannot wait to go back and do some more exploring.


Any travel tips?

  1. Ditch the suitcase – if you are travelling a lot, buy a good sized backpack instead.
  2. Don’t over-pack – take it from a serial over-packer, you don’t need all of that stuff! Even if you do find yourself at a loss without it, unless you are completely out in the sticks, the chances are you can buy it out there!
  3. Drink water on the plane rather than tea/coffee/alcohol. Your skin will thank you later.
  4. Make a playlist – if, like me, you are prone to anxiety on flights make a playlist filled with your favourite songs. Having something familiar can really help to comfort you.
  5. Explore – don’t just go to where the guidebook recommends. Ask friends who have been before and follow your nose as well. You can find some amazing places tucked away and they won’t be full of tourists!
  6. Smile – this is something I often forget to do when I’m on holiday. Unfamiliar surroundings can really freak me out and I can often let anxiety get the best of me. Smiling releases serotonin that helps combat negative thoughts, leaving you with some clear head space to take in the beautiful experience of being on holiday.

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~I’ll see you soon~


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