New York, New York: Days 1&2

We made it! 

Our first couple of days have been amazing, rainy, fun-filled & tiring – the only way a trip to New York can be! I was going to just do one post for New York but we have already done so much that it makes more sense to divide them up. Therefore, expect even more New York goodness soon!

Day One

Despite the downpour we were up and out early doors for our first day of exploring. Admittedly, we were a little nervous about navigating the subway system but it was very easy to use. I really recommend it to anyone travelling on a budget as you can buy a metro card very cheaply and can easily top it up.

Once we had arrived in Manhattan we battled through the rain & the wind to the Met. If you’ve ever seen Gossip Girl, the steps outside this huge art museum are where Blair and her minions sit at lunch time. The Met was very impressive with everything from Ancient Greek pottery to Monet & Van Gogh. My personal favourite was a photography exhibition of crimes and criminals in New York – even if they were a bit bloody at times!

image source: pinterest

We then strolled through Central Park which was in full bloom & watched kids sail their toy boats on the river like that scene in Stuart Little. Once through the park we decided to head over to Times Square for some food. We ended up in La Pain Quotidien which was a little pricey but very trendy. I then dragged Cam to the Disney store and Forever 21 which he didn’t enjoy but suffered through with little complaint because he knows better than to come between me and shopping. I didn’t end up buying anything although I could have easily spent a fortune!

We then headed back to Brooklyn to make some dinner and chill out as we were both exhausted. Unfortunately, I had my first panic attack for months as well which was extremely frustrating. I was very glad to have Cam there to talk me through it. It was definitely a reminder that I’m not invincible but it didn’t take away from an amazing first day!

Day 2 

We started our day in Greenwich Village aka my favourite place in New York. It’s full of trendy shops, little bookstores and hipsters – it’s great! We stopped off for a coffee as I have become dependent on caffeine since working in London and then wandered through the streets of Soho.

Making the most of the dry weather we decided to walk across Brooklyn Bridge. The views were absolutely stunning but what we found the most interesting was when we were caught up in an anti-gun protest. It was very cool to see all of these people with banners, chanting as they walked along the bridge.

After getting momentarily lost we got to Williamsburg which I had been told was a cool place to go. I don’t know whether we just weren’t in the right area but we weren’t massively impressed. That being said, all was not lost as we had the most amazing food at Williamsburg Cafe, which was worth the trip.

Now we are relaxing after all that walking! Have you been to New York? If so, what was your favourite place? 

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