“Come and show me another city with lifted head singing so proud to be alive and coarse and strong and cunning”, Carl Sandburg

I have heard about this city in lectures, films and on TV but have never visited. I have to say that it exceeded my expectations and I felt at home there within a few hours of exploring.

We were staying in an air BNB in a predominantly Mexican neighbourhood so our first night was spent gorging ourselves on some amazing veggie fajitas. Obviously this was all in preparation for a long day of exploring!

Day 1 

After a fairly drizzly start (a recurring theme on this trip) and with a coffee in hand we headed to Millennium Park for a stereotypical picture with The Bean. We got caught up in some sort of scavenger hunt challenge whilst we were there when some French students were trying to take a selfie with as many people as possible.

We then made our way to the Chicago History Museum which is well worth a visit! We learnt a lot about the history and origins of this brilliant city and followed it with a trip to the Pancake House across the street because walking around works up a big appetite!

We also explored Old Town which is full of quirky, independent shops and has a more laid back vibe than Downtown.

Day 2

Our second day was a sunnier occasion so we took advantage of this by renting bikes and riding along the Lakefront trail. Chicago has a similar bike rental system to a Boris Bike making them a fun and inexpensive alternative to walking. Lake Michigan looked pretty breathtaking as we cycled along and it was very difficult to try to remember that it’s a lake and not an ocean!

We also ventured to the South Side on this day to the Dusable African American History Museum. Although it’s in a bit of an awkward location the museum itself was very insightful and admission was very cheap in comparison to others we have visited during our trip.
We ended our day by drinking cider on the patio of the apartment – BLISS!

Day 3

This was our last full day in Chicago and we decided to wander around & get totally lost in the city. We ended up stumbling upon Manifest: urban arts festival, which is put on by one of universities in the city. There was loads to see and do and all the artwork is done by the graduating students.

We got a caricature of us for free from one of the students who was sat outside an art supply shop – pretty cool right?

The speech bubble refers to our conversation with him about misbehaving in art class.

We ate lunch at a cool little cafe outside in sunshine and then headed back into the heart of the city for an architecture boat tour. This was my little gift to Cam as he talks about architecture in EVERY place we ever go! Unfortunately the heavens opened but with our stylish ponchos, we still thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Unfortunately, we did not have that much time in this city but I already know I want to come back. Have any of you been to Chicago? What did you love the most?



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