There is beginning to be a recurring theme on this trip…every city we stop in becomes our new favourite place. Boston was no different!

Day One

All of this city hopping had knackered us out so we decided to have a lazy Sunday. Our Air BNB was near a reservation and with the sun shining we took the opportunity to go on a little hike. Despite screaming several times because I had seen a snake, it was a fairly relaxing walk through the woods. If you have the opportunity to see some of the great outdoors in Boston, definitely take it. It’s totally different to the English countryside, although I’ll always have a soft spot for that.

Day Two
We started with the Freedom Trail which runs through the city and takes you to all the places of historical interest that Boston has to offer. These include the Old South Meeting House, Paul Revere’s Statue & Bunker Hill (whose monument you can climb up for free!). Cam really enjoyed this but as I was developing a stinker of a cold I was less enthusiastic. Nevertheless, it is definitely a must if you ever find yourself in Boston.

Day Three

Our third day consisted of me living out my Gilmore Girl dreams by visiting Harvard. We took a tour round the campus which is definitely the best way to see it.  For $10 you are taken round by a Harvard student which is great because you learn a lot of little university secrets and traditions as well as getting an insight into what it is really like to study there. We had a hilarious guide called Justin who was pretty much the King of Puns, making it very enjoyable. Cambridge, where Harvard is situated, is also very beautiful with quaint shops, parks and a very intellectual vibe. If you like perusing bookshops have a look in the Harvard Co-Op (nothing like the English supermarket!) which boasts four floors filled with every book imaginable. We spent too much time in there to admit.

Day Four

We started our last day by taking a stroll along Boston’s coastline, soaking up the sun and feeling the sand between our toes. We then decided to walk through Chinatown and the Theatre District and back into the centre of downtown. Luckily, the weather stayed sunny for us as we took in the city. Boston is filled with culture and history so just walking around feels like an adventure. We ate dinner in the oldest tavern in Boston, established in the 1600s! It was kind of crazy to think that whilst we stuffed our faces with veggie burgers and fries that once upon a time, revolution was planned and plotted in the very same place.

I already know I want to return to Boston and explore more of New England as it is quite breathtaking. Also, if anyone knows how I can live out my dream of being Rory Gilmore, let me know!

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