My Favourite Magazines

Recently, I had 5 hours to kill in JFK airport…it was about as fun as it sounds. However, I had one saving grace – the newsagents. I used to love getting Mizz and Go Girl magazines when I was little but my interest in magazines has dwindled in the last few years. However, after watching Estee Lalonde’s video I felt inspired to have a look into what is on offer nowadays. So here is my definitive list of  what magazines I have been reading and loving.

FLOW Magazine

This magazine is full of inspiring women, articles on a broad range of topics including mindfulness & creativity AND every issue comes with paper you can use  for crafty ventures. The most recent issue I picked up had beautiful gift tags and a how to typography book.

flow 1.jpg
source: @flow_magazine instagram

Not only is this magazine filled with interesting articles, it is also filled with beautiful illustrations and photographs. If you enjoy scrolling through Instagram you’ll enjoy this magazine and if you love women who talk about creativity and positivity you will DEFINITELY enjoy this magazine.

flow 2
source: @flow_magazine instagram

The Economist

If you are interested in current affairs, politics and world news or you are looking to educate yourself on such topics, this is the magazine for you.

eco 2.jpg
source: @theeconomist instagram

Whilst it is not full of pretty pictures the articles are interesting and in many cases, eye opening. For instance, I had no idea that in some countries they are forcing women into taking virginity tests!

eco 1
source: @theeconomist instagram

I urge you to read this if you want to be better informed about the things going on around you. I was definitely more ignorant than I would like to admit and it has been great to expand my knowledge on current affairs.

National Geographic: Traveler

It is safe to say that I have caught the travel bug and am itching to go on my next adventure. This magazine is filled with tips for traveling, interviews with serial travelers and information about places around the world.


Just be warned that once you open this magazine, your list of ‘places I want to go’ will dramatically increase!

nat 2.jpg
source: @natgeotravel instagram

What magazines do you love?

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