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Discovering Dublin

Every corner you turn in this city is filled with music. People spill out onto the streets, crowded bars are filled with chatter & you are never far away from an irish coffee or a pint of guiness. 

My boyfriend & I spent a few days exploring Dublin to celebrate my birthday. It was my first time in the city but within the few short days we were there it tucked itself into a little place in my heart.

The city is constantly buzzing, its people keeping the energy alive 24 hours a day. We arrived with no real plan of what we wanted to do, other than tickets to a musical on the night of my birthday. It turned out that there was no real need to have a plan anyway as walking around the city is enough to fill your days. I could ramble on for a while about all the wonders of Dublin but instead I’m going to write a few words about some of my favourites.


Temple Bar

Think bright colours, vibrant bars & vintage shops. Check out The Stag’s Head for free comedy & great Irish coffee.

Trinity College 

Good for people watching, beautiful architecture & getting lost in the campus (literally not figuratively!)

Saint Stephen’s Park & Merrion Square Park

Find Oscar Wilde, sit with your loved ones & lie in the grass with a good book (I recommend Emma Gannon’s Ctrl Alt Delete)


Where would you recommend to go in Dublin?

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*watch this space for a dublin VLOG *

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Guest post: John Sennett on mental health

 I asked John Sennett from the fabulous blog John’s Road to Volunteering to write a guest post this week as I am away for my birthday (yay) and he wrote an awesome piece about mental health. 


Every day, mental health is at the forefront of someone’s day and we tend to think about that specific person rather than their family and friends, and today I’m sharing a story I’ve never shared with anyone before, just because Sophie is a breath of fresh air.

Fresh air is something we tend to need during hard days, as I’ve found being enclosed inside only reduces the chances to open the mind.

I won’t say who it was in my life who was affected by life’s struggles, but I also felt trapped.

It’s not easy saying this, but the reality in my eyes is mental health doesn’t only impact the person it’s affecting.

Maybe I was doing something wrong or not helping them the way I should have done, but in reality is it us who ultimately can help or does it come down to the person?

I found mental health not only to be mentally draining, but physically draining. I’m not putting my hands up and saying I know what I’m talking about, because I don’t. I’m not a professional.

Each person has their own story and this was mine and it’s a subject I find tough to talk about, as it’s not something you forget about.

What you don’t forget as well is the long term happiness of your partner, friend, whomever the person may be. A single smile a day is a moment of knowing you’ve made a difference and every small impact can brighten up the future.

I found that I wasn’t a helper, but a supporter. There’s not much of a difference between the two, but the main difference is allowing the person to take control.

No-one wants someone to think they know what they’re talking about and how they know what they’re going through, because no-one does.

But the truth is … no-one knows how we feel on the other side.

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Bill Bailey

“I’m English, and as such I crave disappointment. That’s why I buy Kinder Surprise”, Bill Bailey

By some magical act of the universe I managed to bag front row tickets to see British comedian Bill Bailey’s tour – Limboland – with my dad. We decided it would be a belated Father’s Day present for him & an early birthday present for me.

I took dad to Zizzi’s which has totally upped its game with its vegetarian/vegan options. This made me super happy because it meant I had a choice of things I could order rather than having to pick the 1 vegetarian option on offer or cobbling together random side dishes & starters to make a meal I would actually enjoy.

Dad had spaghetti carbonara & a glass of red wine whilst I had a gorgeous pesto ravioli dish & a Pink G&T. We finished off our meal with my favourite dessert – Affogato!

I haven’t been to my local theatre since I was about 15 so it was nice to be back in a place I had been to so many times before to see pantomimes & musicals when I was younger. Most of you will have seen Bill Bailey on various comedy panel shows, such as QI & Never Mind the Buzzcocks. However, you may not be as familiar with the comedy stylings of his solo shows. His are a mixture of rants, hilarious stories and music. He incorporates his talent on various instruments including the piano, the guitar & the mandolin, as well as using beat loops and samples, to create the punch line to jokes & hysterical stand alone songs such as Happy Birthday in the Minor Key.

source: timeout.com

His rants on Brexit and the current political situation were spot on & his anecdotes about family holidays & the bizarre phenomenon of Britishness were brilliantly delivered.

Now, when I say we had front row seats I mean we literally had to crane our necks to see the stage which did give us a little ache by the end of the show. However, it was totally worth it because Bill (we’re on first name terms now obvs) called on us as part of his jokes & he even let dad play one of his guitars!

After the show was over my face hurt from laughing so much. I don’t think there was a time when I wasn’t smiling or laughing – which made up for the guy sat next to us who didn’t crack a smile the entire time!

It was a really special evening & I’m so glad I got to share it the coolest dude around, my dad.

I definitely recommend catching one of Bill Bailey’s shows if you can. Limboland is now over but I’m sure this genius still has a few shows up his sleeves!

Have you seen any comedians recently? Who should I check out next?

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day out at wimbledon

Why would you want to wake up at 3.15 & queue for hours just to see some tennis I hear you ask. Why? Because it’s always a day filled with fun, giggles, good tennis and good friends.

own photo

I am no tennis expert. I haven’t played since I was about 10 and I wasn’t very good then! However, Wimbledon is a day out that is well worth doing as you can see some great tennis whilst being immersed in an atmosphere that is unlike any other sporting event. Wimbledon attracts a huge array of people from all different backgrounds so it’s a great place to people watch, especially when it isn’t that rare to spy a celebrity in the crowd.

As we cannot afford the high prices of hospitality tickets we got up early to queue for a grounds pass which only costs £25 and gets you access to all the courts apart from Centre Court, No.1 & 2. However, you can also buy tickets for these in the resale for only £5 or £10 for Centre Court. Last year I got to see Grigor Dimitrov by doing this, however, this year we decided not to because there were so many quality games on the other courts.

We brought our own little picnic including the Wimbledon classic – strawberries & cream. We found a spot on Murray Mound to have our feast whilst watching the big screen.

Top tip: the practice courts are a great place to catch a glimpse of some big names and maybe even get an autograph. 

All in all it is a great day out & can be done quite inexpensively.

Have you been to Wimbledon before or do you have another favourite sporting event? Leave your comments below.

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Insta~love #3 

Hello folks! 

Yes that is right, I am back again with my current insta-loves. If you’re looking for new people to follow on instagram for inspirational amazingness then you have clicked on the right post.  Also, stick around to the end as I have news about the blog! 


This account is run by a blogger living in Amsterdam and her photos are extremely aesthetically pleasing. Filled with beach scenes, blue skies & snippets of daily life it is definitely one that shows up in my ‘posts you’ve liked’ page at least once a day.



Isabella is a writer, traveler & all round inspiring gal. She’s badass & her instagram reflects that. Follow for beautiful travel pics, hilarious happenings & the general craziness of her life.


There’s a clue in the name here. Emma is an illustrator and boy do i love her work! Her feed is filled with her work as well as little glimpse at her life. I want her to just follow me round & paint my life!

Check out my instagram in the links below! 

p.s. I am looking for guest bloggers so be sure to contact me on one of these platforms if you are interested!

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