mood boards : why you should make one now

picture this …

I’m lying on the sofa watching ‘First Dates Abroad’ in my pyjamas on a Thursday afternoon, the rain is pouring outside my window & I am feeling totally uninspired & unmotivated to do anything.

I open up my phone and I’m scrolling through my bookmarks on safari where I save things I want to look at later. I stumble upon themessyheads website & begin to read an article all about making mood boards (which you can read here).

the what

The basic concept of a mood board is that you create a collage of pictures & quotes that relate to certain topic e.g. travel, motivation, self-love & so on.

the why

Although it may seem like something you might have done at primary school, I found the whole process both relaxing and inspiring. It feels like mapping out my brain & making my thoughts into a physical thing I can hold & look it. They are also great to come back to when you get a dip in your motivation. It reminds you of what your goals are, what you are looking forward to & acts as a prompt for your creativity.

the how

I made mine by using instagram pictures I had recently liked – you can access these by going to settings on your profile & clicking on the arrow next to ‘posts that you’ve liked’. I also scrolled through my tumblr & then collated them in a collage on picmonkey. This is a great website because you can add words,stickers,filters etc. I opened the windows to let the breeze in, as this always makes me relax, and put on a playlist from my spotify – you can listen to the one i used here but play whatever makes you feel calm.

In true Blue Peter style here are some I made earlier:


i made this one as i recently found out what modules i have for next year & two of them focus on asian history which i have never learned about before, therefore, i want to do a little more reading so i’m not completely clueless come september.


it feels like since i have come back from traveling, everyone else is going away. in order to avoid FOMO i created a little moodboard to remind me not only that i have a few more adventures around the corner but to work hard so i can go on more.

have you ever made a moodboard – do you have any tips?

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