Guest post: John Sennett on mental health

 I asked John Sennett from the fabulous blog John’s Road to Volunteering to write a guest post this week as I am away for my birthday (yay) and he wrote an awesome piece about mental health. 


Every day, mental health is at the forefront of someone’s day and we tend to think about that specific person rather than their family and friends, and today I’m sharing a story I’ve never shared with anyone before, just because Sophie is a breath of fresh air.

Fresh air is something we tend to need during hard days, as I’ve found being enclosed inside only reduces the chances to open the mind.

I won’t say who it was in my life who was affected by life’s struggles, but I also felt trapped.

It’s not easy saying this, but the reality in my eyes is mental health doesn’t only impact the person it’s affecting.

Maybe I was doing something wrong or not helping them the way I should have done, but in reality is it us who ultimately can help or does it come down to the person?

I found mental health not only to be mentally draining, but physically draining. I’m not putting my hands up and saying I know what I’m talking about, because I don’t. I’m not a professional.

Each person has their own story and this was mine and it’s a subject I find tough to talk about, as it’s not something you forget about.

What you don’t forget as well is the long term happiness of your partner, friend, whomever the person may be. A single smile a day is a moment of knowing you’ve made a difference and every small impact can brighten up the future.

I found that I wasn’t a helper, but a supporter. There’s not much of a difference between the two, but the main difference is allowing the person to take control.

No-one wants someone to think they know what they’re talking about and how they know what they’re going through, because no-one does.

But the truth is … no-one knows how we feel on the other side.

find John at:

John’s Road to Volunteering // twitter // instagram 



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