let’s go to italy

This is what my dear friend said to me a few months ago when we were talking about what we should do for the summer. And so, it was decided. A 2 1/2 week long trip driving from blighty to tuscany via strasbourg, milan, a tiny town in the south of france & gent (belgium).

Roadtrippin’ with good company, sweet tunes & LOTS of snacks as you venture through parts of Europe you usually glide over in a plane is kind of magical. I now also consider myself a connoisseur in European service stations.

a few snapshots from our stops

strasbourg; light shows on cathedrals, the most delicious red wine & quaint little houses

milan; due to traffic coming through the swiss mountains (where we lost our minds & sang  ‘high on a hill was a lonely goatherd’ x10000) we didn’t actually get to venture into the city…. milan, we will be back!

tuscany; we stayed in a gorgeous villa near perugia in the umbrian countryside. we were poolside most of the time with a few trips to perugia itself, montepulciano for wine tasting, spoleto, assisi & of course, beautiful florence.

if you follow me on twitter/instagram you will know that during a thunderstorm our villa got hit by lightning which damaged the roof & cut off our electricity, water & totally fried the TVs and wifi. it was a bit of an adventure but we were definitely glad to get the internet back – we felt totally cut off from the world/our families for a few days!

crémieu, south of france; a little town with toy shops that look like fairy castles, dinner in a barn & houses with towers covered in vines.

gent, belgium; we never made it to gent. we locked the keys in the car & had to smash a window to retrieve them. we decided that parking a car with a towel covering the place a window used to be in a town we didn’t know may not be the smartest idea so we made our way to callais and took the eurotunnel home instead.

Despite a few mishaps along the way i had the most perfect couple of weeks hanging out with good people, eating good food & soaking up that sweet sunshine.

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