having a pen pal

During a #thegirlgang chat on Twitter the topic of pen pals was brought up. I had been thinking about writing snail mail for a while, having seen my insta feed flooded with people’s letters.

A few hours after the Twitter chat I got a DM from a gal called Liz asking if I wanted to be pen pals with her. We chatted for a bit online & decided that we would both write a letter to the other answering 5 questions – which we had come up with between us. They were things like ‘do you have any pets’, ‘where was your favourite holiday destination’ etc – nothing too pressing & personal but enough to get a sense of what the other was like.

Over the past month or so I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving Liz’s letters. She always includes a little something with her writing which is super cute & I have taken to picking up postcards from my travels and including them with my letters. We have swapped stories about holidays, recommended stationary shops & books to each other & chatted about our favourite Lush products.

pen pal 1.jpg
insta @completelyrambling

I love writing  & sending letters, especially in these times where you can connect with people instantly online. I like that I have to wait a week or so to get a reply and I enjoy setting aside time to write to her rather than just typing a tweet that takes 5 seconds to send & receive! There is a real thrill about getting to chat to a blogger who lives at the other end of the country and who I would probably only talk to online every now and again otherwise.

insta @icecreamwhispersclara



If you are interested in becoming someone’s pen pal – tweet it out! There are probably more people on your timeline than you think who want to take part. Of course, please make sure to stay safe. Don’t publicly tweet out your address and if you have an address you use specifically for blogger mail, always use this one rather than your home address.

happy writing

x x x

find liz here:

twitter // insta // blog 

find me here:

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if you are interested in working with me / writing for the blog / chatting about mental health – email me: completelyrambling@gmail.com


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