happy birthday blog

At the beginning of August my blog turned 1.

What started out as a place to record my year abroad & never tell anyone about has turned into something I never could have imagined. My blog has become somewhere that people feel safe and comfortable enough to share their experiences with mental health, including myself, and somewhere that I can share my inner ramblings. And the best part? People actually want to read what I write about.

I’ve connected with other bloggers on Instagram & Twitter. I have had people on my Facebook who I haven’t spoken to in years who have reached out and told me they enjoy my posts or something I’ve written has helped them. I’ve had work colleagues read it and say nice things to me the next time they see me in the office. Even my dad has read it & he is the guy who got Twitter for about a week and has never had a Facebook account.

Basically, this whole year has been a totally new experience and one I hope I continue to participate in and continue to love as much as I do now.

Thank you to everyone who has ever read, written for or said something nice about this little space on the Internet I call my own.

find me here

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if you want to work with me / write for the blog / talk to me email me at: completelyrambling@gmail.com


6 thoughts on “happy birthday blog

  1. I love this post and when I read this post I looked at the rest of your blog and I love it! I have followed you so I can catch up with your future posts.


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