my first time at the fringe

I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend a bank holiday weekend than laughing.

Every year Edinburgh holds festivals that celebrate music, theatre, dance, comedy, books and art. I have wanted to go for several years and since becoming quite obsessed with podcasts hosted by comedians I have been itching to get up to see them perform. Therefore, I jumped at the chance to go to Edinburgh with Cam & his parents for the bank holiday weekend.

I haven’t been to Edinburgh since I was ten and I had forgotten how beautiful it was as a city. It is thriving with culture, history & some of the friendliest people in the country. I will admit that I had a fleeting thought about moving to Edinburgh when we arrived, similar to the feeling I had when we went to Dublin. However, I won’t bang on too much about the city itself as what I really want to talk about is the comedy we saw.

The Fringe Festival is very budget friendly as most tickets are under £20 and there are loads of shows that are free to see as well. We did a mixture of the two as Cam’s mum had organised tickets for 2 shows on our first and last nights in the city.

Joe Stilgoe

Whilst technically not a comedy show, they definitely incorporated it into this evening of jazzy renditions of some of the most famous songs from film. If Joe & his band ever happen to be in a town near you – go and see them! Their versions of songs were energetic, fun, creative and Joe has a voice like velvet!

come 4.jpg

Buffering: Amanda & Madi

This was the only show Cam & I saw that drew us in purely from being given a flyer on the street (something that happens at least 20 times a day during the festival – keep them, they make great souvenirs/decorations). These two young ladies performed a mix of experimental comedy, spoken word, stand up & sketches that comment on society. Whilst the crowd was fairly small they did an excellent job at keeping us engaged & it was a very funny show.

come 5.jpg

Boy Girl Brain: Jack Campbell 

This stand up was recommended to me by a friend & I am glad I took her word & saw the show. This guy is definitely one to watch as he was very funny & quick witted. Check him out if you get the chance.

come 2

Compared to What: Stuart Goldsmith

This was my favourite show that I saw as I am a huge fan of Stuart’s podcast The Comedian’s Comedian. He was even funnier than I expected him to be and his show was just brilliant. Go and buy tickets to see him immediately!

come 3


Imagine popular songs with lyrics changed to reflect the news plus hilarious skits & questionable costumes. This was such a fun, energetic show that had the audience laughing through the whole hour. The show currently runs at the Canal Cafe Theatre in London so if you are looking for something to see, this is my recommendation.

come 1

After an amazing couple of days watching some fabulous comics and taken in the beautiful city, it is set in my mind that I will be going to the Fringe for years to come.

Did you go to the Fringe this year? Who are your favorite comedians?

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