Home Sweet Home

This week I moved back to university & it has got me feeling all reflective. After a very testing year it feels so good to be back to the familiar territory of uni life. Whilst wandering home from town I starting typing away on my phone & ended up with something that half resembles a poem. As I said, these are just the ramblings from my mind, living up to the name of my blog!

The sense of being home.

Evenings are still warm & sunny, people are outside with coffees or cocktails,

soaking up the atmosphere,

of a city winding down for the evening.

I wander around my new neighbourhood 

& stumble across hidden parks & little villages

I never knew existed.

Restaurants & cafes with friends,

I haven’t seen in far too long.

Discussing future plans and reminiscing about years that are gone. 

My house feels cosy & warm. 

My heart feels settled & calm.

Whilst last year taught me more than I ever imagined,

it really is quite nice to be home.


a visual representation of how i feel right now, courtesy of pinterest

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