i’m still here

Where is the time going? I have been back at university for a month but I swear it was June about two minutes ago. Last night I was talking to some first years who do my course & it hit me that it has been almost 4 years since I was a fresher.  That is part of the reason I’ve been a little slack on blog writing the past few weeks . I blink and a week has gone past and I haven’t planned anything written anything for completelyrambling. I promise I do have some posts in the works but they need a little more legwork and I have had zero time to do it. This week has been filled with reading for seminars, assignments and my dissertation so I haven’t fancied adding more stuff to my ever growing list of things I need to do.

In the little down time I do have I have been really enjoying watching sunbeamsjess’s Vlogtober videos, even though I get serious envy when I see Edinburgh being all autumnal. I miss Edinburgh!

insta @sunbeamsjess

Last week I finished watching Gilmore Girls and I have been having serious withdrawal symptoms since. I am ashamed to tell you how long I spent trawling Etsy for GG merch & scrolling through insta looking at all the posts of people going to ‘Luke’s Diner’. Inevitably this led me to purchase these cute mugs from Amazon for my housemate & I so that we can pretend we live in Stars Hollow.


side note: this morning she brought us coffee in our matching mugs & we sat in my bed & giggled together. we are cute. 

Finally I want to talk about the underrated activity of doing work in a coffee shop. Something about the busy atmosphere, the smell of coffee beans and the chilled music they play sparks some productive energy inside of me. Also this week, having a loyalty card finally paid off so I have been getting soy cappuccinos for free!



have a fab weekend my little human beans, take care of yourselves & love each other xx

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