insta~love #4

I have been away from my blog for far too long! I know it’s only been 2/3 weeks but I have really missed creating content. However, being in final year means lots of my time needs to be dedicated to essays, dissertation research and seminar reading which, as you can imagine, has left me with little brain capacity to create anything interesting for  completelyrambling. Nevertheless, I am back with one of my favourite features – insta~love!


This account is a fairly recent follow of mine but I am head over heels in love with the autumnal vibes it’s got going on. If you follow me on any social media you will know how much I have been banging on about autumn this year so this seemed like the perfect one to feature. I actually messaged Sarah, owner of theegglife to see if she was happy with me using some pictures and I got such a friendly reply – making me love her account even more!



Okay so I may be a little bias here because V is my little vintage babe BUT that doesn’t take away from the fact that her instagram is absolutely amazing anyway. She’s back from New York now but I know she will be posting #throwbackthursdays until she is reunited with her love so don’t worry about that. Until then a lot of her posts will probably be pictures of our coffee dates that we insist are totally necessary.



I’ve been a fan of Christie’s blog for a while now and I love the vibe of her feed. Her insta is filled with outfit and apartment inspo as well as beautiful shots of the little hidden corners of NYC. She also writes pieces for my all time favourite blog – The Messy Heads.  


Imii’s blog is always the first I read when I log on to Bloglovin’ and her instagram feed is equally gorgeous. I’ve been trying to avoid using the word aesthetic in this post but I can’t help it when I love Imii’s so much!

fav posts from my own insta – @completelyrambling

As I mentioned earlier, my brain has been on autumnal overload during the course of October. Therefore, my feed has been brimming with leaves, coffee shops & that sweet autumnal sunshine.


thanks for reading little human beans, enjoy your week

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