week in pictures #4

I’m pretty sure the last time I did one of these posts it was January so it definitely felt like one of these was overdue!

check ya boobs!

I am part of my university’s boob team that works with CoppaFeel to raise awareness about breast cancer in young people. This week we painted people’s nails in the SU whilst chatting about the importance of knowing  & checking your boobs.


productive days 

On wednesday I spent the whole day in the library getting various bits and pieces done for essays, my diss. and a few other things I am working on (oo mysterious). When lunch time rolled around it only felt right to treat myself to a nice lunch rather than the apple and belvita bar I had stashed in my bag.

for those interested i had a green smoothie and a brie&chutney toastie

isabella’s book 

I have very few words that will do this book justice. At 20 years old, Isabella has written and self-published a book filled with beautiful words that I think all young women should read. Find out more about the book here


flowers for no reason

My housemate came home with roses for me. When I asked why she said “just because”. I’m all about lady love – build up your fellow females. Buy flowers for the ladies in your life.


glitter parties 

One of my friend’s recently turned 22 so we threw a load of glitter on our bodies and had a little party.


that’s all for now folks 


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