why was i so cringey?

Over the last week I have been giggling away at my old posts that have come up on timehop. This week has been a little stressful to say the least and as it comes up to the end of the semester / end of the year I’m sure a lot of you are feeling the pressure too. So I’ve collated some of my favourite timehop gems for your reading pleasure.


2015: “Question: how do you listen to Adele without becoming a sobbing mess?”

this question still stands. 


2009: “I’m missing Jeward 😥 john or edward? who do you prefer? xx”

i was asking the hard hitting questions back in the day 



2012: “o wOw, my head hurts a lOt a lOt a lOt {stupid stupid wine}”

i have so many questions about this one. 

  1. i probably had one glass of wine so why am i being so dramatic?
  2. why on earth am i capitalizing letters in the middle of words?
  3. what kind of weird brackets am i using?
  4. why was i so incredibly cringey? 


2011: “get out of my head & fall into my arms instead”

am i quoting a one direction song or was i just getting really cryptic and deep on twitter? 


2009: “opera was sooo bloody funny. hehehe 😀 what idiots ;P xx”

not entirely sure why the opera was funny (?!) but ahh the days before emojis 


2011: “woken up in the early hours of the morning by a cow in our drive…standard :’)”

i remember this so clearly – still unsure if i was dreaming. 

that’s all for this week, i hope you enjoyed my weird statuses and tweets from years past. 

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