a semester round up

As this semester reaches its end I thought I would take the time to write a little round up of my first few months back in the swing of university life. I will not pretend that I did not have my apprehensions about this semester, all of which are detailed here. However, it has exceeded my expectations, stamped out any worries that I had & turned out to be pretty darn good.

I have been writing about mental health in other places than here:

If you follow me on twitter (shameless promo) you will have seen me tweet links to 2 articles I wrote about anxiety and leaving my year abroad (more shameless promo). It was quite the task to get the confidence to write about such personal things on a platform that is not in as tiny a corner of the internet as this blog. However, I am glad that I did because I have since had some lovely messages from people both sharing their experiences and congratulating be on speaking up.

Lectures, seminars and essays oh my!

Despite ending up doing two modules that included subject matter I had never heard of before, I actually quite enjoyed my classes in the end. As I type this I have only received one mark back but for my first essay in a year I will happily take a mid 2:1! Since learning to deal with my anxiety better I have actually discovered that I am able to be a little more chilled about my results. Whilst I still have my stresses I have generally managed to say goodbye to spending a large portion of my time worrying about percentages and grades.

i know i have used this photo before but i don’t take many pictures of me doing work.

Friends; old & new

As I have previously mentioned, I live with my best friend & not a day has gone by that I haven’t laughed with her. Many evenings are spent watching The Real Housewives, drinking copious amounts of coffee & complaining about the masses of work we both have. There was a part of me that worried we would become social recluses, only hanging out with each other. In fact, the opposite has happened. I have got to know far more people on my course this year than I have in the previous two years I have spent in the same lecture theatres as them. It is never too  late to start new friendships and without getting too soppy, I feel very lucky to have had some wonderful times with some fab people this semester.

Other highlights as illustrated in pictures because words take time & I have two essays to write:

exploring the surrounding areas // dressing up as britney spears (zombie version) & american psycho // house parties with many photos of us posing // christmas markets & mulled wine

and now for a well deserved break – where are those mince pies at?

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