Comfort in Culture: Gilmore Girls


Gilmore Girls

To celebrate the return of Gilmore Girls last month I wanted to talk about what it means to me. By the title I’m sure you have deduced that for me this television programme is not just something to watch but something I find a lot of comfort in.

I lost my mum at a young age so I missed out on all the mother-daughter things you do as a teenager with your mum. Lorelai and Rory’s relationship of being best friends as well as mother and daughter truly reflects the kind of relationship I had with my mum.


I am such a Rory. A book worm, a studious girl with a determined nature & a lover of culture. My mum was probably somewhere in between a Rory and a Lorelai. She was organised like Rory but she was a great nurturer who would do anything for her friends, like Lorelai. My best friend is a complete Lorelai which provides me with hours of entertainment, especially when she comes out with ridiculous things that make no sense.


The Gilmore Girls isn’t just a TV show. It provides a comfort to me when I feel stressed, sad, angry, ill, and so on. Its lighthearted, funny and brilliantly written. I always find it hard to describe the show to people who haven’t watched it because it is so unlike any other TV programme out there. Which is part of what makes it so special.

I don’t want to write about the reunion episodes because that’s a whole other post and I am still not quite over the ending of it (team jess) So for now, I will return to re-watching the whole thing from the beginning, laughing at jokes i had forgotten, crying at the moments that are special and generally enjoying losing myself in the world of Stars Hollow.


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