Did I stick to my resolutions this year?

If you have been hanging out on this blog for a while you might recall that last January I did a post about my resolutions (not the most original post but there you go). I thought it might be fun to look back on those promises I made to myself and see if I actually kept any of them.

1. Mindfulness

At the beginning of the year I said that I wanted to incorporate mindfulness into my daily life as I had heard about the benefits it has for mental health. I won’t lie – I did an awful job at sticking to meditating everyday and I haven’t touched my mindfulness journal in quite a while. That being said, I have found myself gravitating more towards meditation when I feel overwhelmed, rather than losing control and letting it consume me which usually leads to a panic attack. So I have been successful to some extent but I could definitely work on this a lot more.

2. Cooking

November marked a year of vegetarianism and I have never looked back. I feel healthier, I make healthier choices and slowly but surely those around me are starting to make a conscious effort to eat less meat too. I vowed that I would learn how to cook proper veggie meals and I have stuck to it. My favourite thing to make is probably the black bean shepherd’s pie featured in Ready Steady Glow by Madeline Shaw and my house mate and I also made the most amazing veggie lasagne which I still dream about often. Overall, this one was a success.

3. Saving Money

I wanted to start a spending diary to keep track of where I waste my money on unnecessary things and I have stuck to this one too! It has been so helpful seeing where I need to cut down on spending (my caffeine habit plays a large part in this one) and generally makes me more conscious of my spending.


I have to say even I am quite surprised at myself for sticking to these resolutions for a whole year. My next post will be all about my resolutions for 2017 so stay tuned!

happy new year everyone

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2 thoughts on “Did I stick to my resolutions this year?

  1. This is so good you stuck to your resolutions, not so many people can say they have!

    Meditation is great but it is a big commitment, I’ve adapted the same things of you. Whereby I’m more calm when issue arise but still need to practice in more depth.

    Becoming a vegetarian must have been a big challenge, what are the health benefits? Do you ever miss meat?

    Kim // sincerelykimberly.com


    1. i am actually v surprised! it’s the art of making something a habit. That’s so good that you’re making progress too!

      To be honest it wasn’t for me because I was never a massive fan of meat anyway so no I don’t really miss it. Health benefits wise I’m sure there are good researched articles online but for me I just feel a lot better in myself 🙂 and it’s nice knowing that I am not killing anything!



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