march goals

  1. Trying to meditate at least three times a week. This seems to be a regular goal that crops up whenever I write posts like this one and I never seem to stick to it. I have decided that trying to meditate every day just isn’t feasible at the moment so I’m hoping reducing it to 5 minutes, 3 times a week might mean that I actually achieve it. For me, it is super important to look after my mind, especially as this upcoming month sees a LOT of potentially stressful deadlines looming (see goal no.3).
  2.  Stepping up my instagram game. I really want to try and grow my engagement on Instagram this month by uploading more regularly and putting a little more thought into what I post.
  3. This month is going to see a LOT of deadlines. I’m talking two essays, two presentations AND a dissertation chapter… welcome to final year! So this goal, whilst a little boring, is a necessary one. Staying organised, keeping on top of things, and getting all the assignments done. Right now I am feeling pretty confident about it all as I’m not the kind of person that is capable of leaving things until the last minute. As of right now I am ahead of schedule so as long as I can keep up this pace I’m sure I will be fine

Those are my three main goals for this month. Have you got anything that you want to achieve this month?

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