the end of the blog?

I’ve been thinking about going on a bit of a hiatus with COMPLETELYRAMBLING. This is, in part, because of my upcoming university deadlines but it is mainly because I have fallen out of love with blogging recently. Rather than relaxing me I feel like I have become a bit too obsessed with stats & that was never what this space was supposed to be about.

I still have a lot to say about mental health but I don’t feel like I’m in a place where I can share any of it at the moment. It’s all a bit too close at the moment & talking about it on the internet wouldn’t be great for anyone.

I’m still going to be online (all my links below) but right now I’m saving all of my thoughts for an outlet outside of the internet. If I’m hit with any inspiration then I’m sure I will be back BUT for now I want to live offline for a while.


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