april favourites

Aaah, it feels good to be back in the swing of blogging & doing a good ol’ monthly favourites


The Broken Trilogy: I started this series last year & then forgot about it whilst I was waiting for the other two books to be released. About a month ago I suddenly got back into the swing of reading for pleasure rather than just for uni & rediscovered this series. It’s a dystopian story that follows a society that becomes jeopardized by an evil ruler obsessed with astrology & how this affects the ‘harmony’ of the country.


i have made a playlist of all the tunes i have been loving this month here

jacob banks: my brother introduced me to him just in time for his new EP to be released ‘the boy who cried freedom’ although i also recommend listening to his album ‘the paradox’ as well. The man has such a smooth voice and his songs are full of soul.


will joseph cook: his debut album ‘sweet dreamer’ is the ultimate summer soundtrack


john mayer: john will always remind me of days when me & my friends used to listen to his songs on repeat when we were feeling lovesick. His new album ‘the search for everything’ is full of great songs, particularly ‘love on the weekend’ which is the ultimate description of the honeymoon period of a relationship.

classic fm: this may be a bit of a grandma thing to enjoy but since inheriting an old radio my dad didn’t want i have had this on in the background whilst revising and it is just brilliant. I even got a shoutout for requesting a song the other day (claim to fame)


two youtubers for you this month: cartia mallan & leena norms

cartia just seems like one of those souls you just want to talk to for hours about life and i like that.

i have incl insta handles in case you want to follow them

leena just did 40 days of videos for lent and they are all about finding yourself, creativity & growing up. I recommend binge watching them.

line of duty: get on bbc iplayer right now (if you live in the UK or go on netflix and watch the earlier series) and watch this. It is a drama all about corrupt policemen and it has so many twists and turns that I never manage to figure out ‘who done it’ until the final moments of the finale.


journal writing: a stream of sub-conscious filling pages of pretty notebooks. I use journal prompts from themessyheads or just write my thoughts down.

comment pods: I recently joined an instagram comment pod & love it! Women supporting and building up other women. What’s not to like?

i took this & will joseph cook liked it hehe

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