so you’re a vegan now?

Yeah this question has been asked and answered many times over the past few weeks. Just a quick disclaimer, I’m not trying to preach – it is your body and you can put it in what you like. This is just a little blog chat about my experience with moving into veganism.

I had been considering veganism for a while and whilst laying in bed feeling super ill and sluggish I just made the decision to try it out for a week and see how it went. Sadly, my biggest concern with veganism was the BS that I would get for it from my peers. I learned pretty quickly to just say “it’s my body and my decision isn’t affecting your life” and ignore the “I’m going to eat loads of cheese in front of you” jibes. Apart from that, my transition has been overwhelming positive. I tweeted out asking if anyone had any advice for a baby vegan like me and I had so many lovely DMs filled with advice.

Here are a few of the people who were lovely enough to help me out

Cattitude&Co: twitter // blog 

Hannah Sierp: twitter // blog

E Craves: twitter // blog 

My shops have been cheaper

*KLAXON SOUND* Yep, that’s right my shops are CHEAPER without dairy or meat products in my basket.

I have cooked the BEST meals

Honestly, turning vegan hasn’t stopped me eating my favourite meals. The other day I had popcorn chicken and garlic bread but it was all vegan and affordable (shout out to ASDA). Being vegan doesn’t mean eating a bowl of chickpeas and some avocado (although both are really nice but that is not the point I am making here). Supermarkets have so many affordable free from options – the other day I had vegan rocky road!! I have also experimented way more with cooking which has been really fun for me and a great distraction from revision.

I have discovered some amazing places

Who knew there were so many vegan places around where I live. Finding vegan food isn’t as hard as you may think, thanks to the internet. Trust me, you won’t miss out at restaurants either as people are actually getting with the times and offering amazing vegan options *insert confetti emoji*

I have energy, I have clearer skin and I just feel better

Cutting out dairy has made me realise how sluggish and ill it made me feel. The other day I ate a whole vegan pizza and whilst everyone else was clutching their stomachs complaining about being too full, I felt perfectly satisfied. In fact, I was really smug about not being in pain after eating because guys, guess what, THAT IS NOT NORMAL. Also my skin is GLOWING. Yes I still get spots, ya girl still got hormones but generally my skin is so much better!


As I said at the beginning of this post, I am not about to preach to you about animal cruelty, the destruction of the environment and so on because whilst these are all valid points people tend to get freaked out when faced with the ugly truth. And like I said earlier, it is your body and you are in control but if you are considering veganism or even just going vegan once a week, I completely recommend it. 

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