kundalini: my new obsession

A favourite pastime of mine is walking around the park near where I live listening to podcasts in the evening sunshine. One day whilst doing this I heard Britt & Tara from High Vibe Livin talking to Jordan Younger (The Balanced Blonde podcast) about kundalini yoga. For some reason I had the impulse to google it and see if there were any classes nearby. Bear in mind that at this point I was about 10 minutes into the podcast and still didn’t even know what kundalini yoga really was! Anyway, I found a class nearby and after a few emails with the teacher I was signed up. I didn’t really know what to expect but I followed that earlier impulse and I have not looked back since.

Kundalini is all about energy: working on your own, learning to not absorb others negative energy and learning about how your energy plays a part in your life. As a very empathetic person and someone who is very sensitive to other people’s energy this has been such a breakthrough for me. I am starting to not let other people’s negativity impact on my day and am I learning to cultivate an amazing new energy within myself.I joined halfway through a 10-week program which worked on a different chakra each week, incorporating mantras, physical movement, meditation and relaxation. I think my favourite part of each class is the meditation that uses a specific mantra as a focus point. It really helps to keep me present and stops my mind wandering off.

I have been doing kundalini for a month now and let me tell you that this works FAST. From the first class I took I could feel energy really moving within me. I look forward to going every week and I always come out of each class so blissed out!

So that is what I have been filling my time with over the past few weeks. Have any of you done kundalini before? Or do you prefer something else to help tap into your spiritual self? Leave me a message in the comments as I would LOVE to know!


If you are interested in learning more about kundalini yoga I would recommend looking at the High Vibe Livin website. They have a free 7 day programme to raise your vibration and they’ve just introduced a new ‘Intro to Kundalini’ programme too! They are also two of the loveliest people I have talked to on the internet – they are so welcoming and supportive and always answer any questions that you may have. 

*image: sat nam (pinterest / etsy print – no longer available)

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