h o m e

The new issue of the Messy Heads  is all about home and it made me think about all the places I have called home.

We lived in an upside down house when I was tiny. By this I mean the kitchen, living room etc was at ground level and then you went down the stairs to the bedrooms. I don’t remember much about the house apart from the clips I’ve seen from home videos, although I very clearly remember falling down the stairs when I was trying to catch a big beach ball decorated with 101 Dalmatians.

I grew up in the same house from the age of 3 until I left for university. In that time we had sheep, goats, horses, rabbits, chickens, geese, fish, dogs & cats. It is hardly a surprise that I turned out be an animal lover & a country girl at heart!


At 18 I flew the nest and moved into an apartment block with a bunch of strangers in a new city. We made our own little family and found comfort in each other whilst going through the biggest change in our surroundings in our young lives. It was a bizarre dynamic that somehow worked, if only for that single year.

I then moved in with two of the girls I had lived with in that apartment block in a weird house next to a creepy toy shop. We ate a lot of pizza and pasta bakes in that house. We saw people come & go in our lives a lot that year but we always managed to keep our friendships together. I had always been independent as a child but moving away from university made me even more so. I loved the freedom of decorating how I wanted, buying what I wanted and living with who I wanted.


Moving back home on my year off was weird because the place that had been my home for so long felt different & I couldn’t put my finger on why. Going back for my final year of uni was equally as strange because I had been away. It is funny how time & space makes you see a place differently.

Emma Mercury, editor of The Messy Heads, makes an interesting point about how it is not just the places but the people that make the homes. I couldn’t agree more – all these places I have lived would have been meaningless without the people I have shared them with, family & friends alike. I also have a whole host of ‘second homes’ that are the abodes of my closest friends and my boyfriend’s parents’ house. Where you are greeted with hugs when you answer the door, know where the essentials for making a cuppa live & where their pets love you just as much as they love their owners.

And now? I have my first flat with my boyfriend – I am living with a BOY!!


It is tiny and things keep breaking but it is ours … I mean don’t get me wrong we are renting because Hi, I’m a millennial and that means I won’t be able to afford a house until I am 60!

Take some time to think about your home this week, not just the building in which you live, but the people that make you feel at home.



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