june favourites


  • Sainsbury’s recently labelled their ‘fizzy fangs’ as vegan which was the best news for me because I had really missed the sour taste of sweets. It just reminds me of being a little kid! Thanks to vegantreasures on instagram for showing me so many foods I didn’t know were vegan!
  • If you ever find yourself in Leicester, take a wander down the Lanes & look out for a shop painted yellow called ‘Currant Affairs’. Not only do they stock lots of vegan friendly brands but they also sell sweet and savoury snacks including brownies and ‘sausage’ rolls. They are so inexpensive, run by lovely people & it is generally just a great place to shop.

vegan treats


  • I recently started doing some research around crystals and got completely in to them. They really help me to focus when meditating & of course they just bring a really great energy to my place.
  • One of my latest blog posts was all about kundalini yoga & that means it HAD to be featured in my favourites. Check out that post to find out more.



  • I recently joined an animal rights group in an attempt to educate myself and get to know more like-minded people. I helped out at their stall this weekend just chatting to the public about all kinds of things animal related and it was a really interesting experience. If you live in Leicester/Leicestershire – have a Facebook search for ‘Leicester Animal Rights’ – they are an amazing group!



What have you loved this month?

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